Honouring Poet Surjit Patar

The ANAD Foundation organized an event on April 8 in New Delhi at the Stein Auditorium to commemorate the work of Poet Surjit Patar. This event was in memory of Baljit Kaur Tulsi where poetry readings were also offered by contemporary Indian poets Anamika (Hindi), Balraj Komal (Urdu), K. Satchidanandan (Malyalam) and Ashok Vajpayee (Hindi). A solo recital by Leonardo Amar Dhyan Singh titled “Shan”, and “Lehra by pakhawaj guru” by Pandit Ravi Shankar Upadhyay. Here is a taste of Surjit Patar’s words in English:

These words embellished in colours would dissolve

And those chiseled in marble would get wiped out

Words that the burning hands scribbled across the winds

Shall remain written across the winds forever

Anad Kav tarang, New Delhi, April 8, 2008
Punjabi Poetry

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