Poet Zeeshan Sahil is no more!

This was the title yesterday of the editor of ‘Aaj’, Ajmal Kamal’s message from Karachi; and, it said this:

“Zeeshan Sahil suddenly died today, 12 April 2008, around 6 pm. His funeral will be held on Sunday, 13 April 2008 at 12:30 pm at Masjid Khair-ul-Amal, Ancholi Society, Federal B Area, Karachi.

“For condolences: (00-92) 4011150” (ajmalkamal@gmail.com)

Today, Publisher Hoori Noorani (Maktabai Danyal, Karachi) sent this poem:

by Zeeshan Sahil

Wishing to become a tree
I became one
But could not afford shelter
To anyone

No bird perched on my branches
To sing
No squirrel made its home
In my trunk

The dew did not glimmer
On my green leaves
And for thousands of years
Even the termites kept away

Wishing to become a path
I became instead a bridge
Those who crossed over me
I never saw again

I was not set aflame in the war
Or hacked to pieces
That floated along in the distance
Keeping each other company

Wishing to become the sea
I became a solitary teardrop
Making its home
In a handkerchief
That was not clasped
To anyone’s breast
Not wrapped around
Anyone’s wrist
No one burnt it to ashes
To salve a wound

Wishing to become a story
I became a word
Falling from ashen lips
To spin forever
In the vortex
Echo in the wind
Remain buried
In someone’s breast

Urdu Poem by Zeeshan Sahil
Translated into English by Tehmina Ahmed


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