A Page for Zeeshan Sahil in RASRUNG, Jalandhar

An inspiring and beautiful page has been created this Sunday in Jalandhar for Karachi poet Zeeshan Sahil by the staff and volunteers of RASRUNG, the Sunday Magazine of Dainik Bhaskar . Thanks to Ajmal Kamal of Aaj for sending it over. View the Zeeshan Sahil Page (PDF):


For more information contact Geet Chaturvedi at
Editor (Magazines), Dainik Bhaskar
SCO 16, Puda Complex, Opp. Tehsil Complex
Ladowali Road, Jalandhar, PUNJAB India
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2 comments on “A Page for Zeeshan Sahil in RASRUNG, Jalandhar

  1. Abid bhai
    The contents of the page were already translated from urdu and english. It has a piece of dairy by Zeenat Hisam, an obitury by Anvar Sen roy and some poems by Zeeshan.

    This page got a very good response here in Hindi, I have a lot of mails and calls from my readers. It was a tribute to our beloved poet.


    Meanwhile, you can visit on my blog at this link-

    The blog is in Hindi originally, but Indinator’s service makes it possible to read it in roman.


  2. Abid Raza says:

    Can U please translate this page for Zeeshan Sahil in to English or Urdu language for the international readers of your this contribution.
    I am elder brother of zeeshan and my family is thankful for the specially made prtrait of zeeshan.


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