Amarjit Chandan, “A Man With Ten Shadows” by Atamjit

Punjabi Playwright Atamjit says in his column in Hindustan Times today that Poet Amarjit Chandan is perhaps “the most talked about, controversial and envied emigre Punjabi writer”; and in doing so, he provides us with an opportunity to see glimpses of Chandan’s person, work and life experience.
View article here: A Man With Ten Shadows: Amarjit Chandan, despite living in London for almost 30 years, remains continuously connected with Punjab“.

One comment on “Amarjit Chandan, “A Man With Ten Shadows” by Atamjit

  1. Rupinder says:

    I know Amarjit Chandan. We speak about once a month. He has been encouraging me to write a play for a while, however I have so far resisted dur to lack of confidence. He is a great writer.

    Why do I know him? 4 Years ago I wrote the first British Punjabi novel, Neela Noor ( The Blue Light), which he has kindly described as Experimental.

    Currently I am writing another book, which will not be for public consumption, until I have perfected it. The mistake I made lasttime was not waiting for Chandan to return my manuscript before publishing it.

    Anyhow he is a great writer, and we need to encourage more western born writers by telling them about him.
    Roop Dhillon


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