Slumbering Over Islamic Unity

A widespread occurrence of deep sleep, napping, snoozing, dozing and blissful slumber has been witnessed by during the sessions of the 21st International Conference on Islamic Unity in Tehran held May 4 to 6 in 2008.

According to a story posted May 5th, 2008 by Mudassir Rizwan, Muslim Ulema from Oman, Sudan, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Germany, the US, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, France, Morocco, India, Algeria, Hong Kong, Qatar, Britain, Denmark, Iraq, Turkey, Gambia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates are participating; over a hundred articles from foreign and domestic authors have been received by the secretariat of the conference of which 70 articles have been selected for presentation, he said.
“Preparing grounds for unity and solidarity of the Muslim World and bringing closer various cultural and scientific views are major goals of the conference. The participants are also to promote coexistence and find way out of current obstacles including the enemies’ plots and secular thoughts. The Islamic unity charter which has so far been signed by over 2,000 Muslim thinkers and scholars will be studied by the delegates.”

Here, find the Umah in action.

From waging heroic struggle against the onSlumber Image 015salught of sleep

To a continued resistance against it;

Slumber Image 011

From hiding faces

Slumber Image 009

To Giving in;

Slumber Image 010

From going overboard,

Slumber Image 004

To blissfulness,

Slumber Image 008

To an invitation to an open slumber party.

Slumber Image 003

No wonder, people in North America are inquiring about the materials those chairs and tables are made of; about the general environment of that place in Tehran; about the sounds heard by the participants; and, indeed the ideas discussed by the presenters. Their quest is to adopt or improvise the methods used in this Conference to bring sleep to millions of sleepless North American. This can be a breakthrough for consumers who are spending fortunes on sleep-inducing and anti-depressant drugs, on special mattresses and beds, pillows and pillow covers, and on slumber music and videos.

Keep our fingers crossed.

Information sent to Uddari by Shahid Mirza of Lahore Chitrkar.

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I need my sleep!

7 comments on “Slumbering Over Islamic Unity

  1. There will be no Islamic unity untill Muslims believe in the Muslim Leader Allah has appointed for them. The Imam of the time. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. Human appointed leaders will simply fail and Muslim Leader appointed will certaily prevail. Why? Because Allah stands by his appointees.


  2. Anonymous says:

    as long as umah is wating for allah to bring them sincere and hondst leadership, they are doomed to the same leadership. its leadeeras my change but the path is unchangable. In islamic country i never saw a bad goes and was not replased by a worst one. until they hold to the allah of mohamd , they better keep sleaping.


  3. hussein says:

    انه شيء جيد للناس في غزة


  4. Naveed Khan says:

    Not only Muslims do that. It depend on the age and physical fitness you are in. I have seen President Clinton snoozing in live conferences, not because he is stupid but because he is getting old and has undergone few major surgeries. For some people these conferences bring no concrete outcomes, but to waste their time. It is the contents of the proceedings and powerful speaker, who can keep the audience awake. This can happen anywhere and to any one. You better wait till that age!!!!!!!!!!


  5. […] Juli 2009 — Thomas v. der Osten-Sacken Auch sie schon etwas älter sind, die Bilder von der Konferenz zur islamischen Einheit in Teheran, sie sagen so viel aus, dass man sie nur durch merrmaliges Betrachten wirklich würdigen […]


  6. […] Slumbering Over Islamic Unity 887 views […]


  7. Muhammad Ahad says:

    Great! its real picture of islamic leadership, intelectuals who are sleeping sweet slip over the murder of innocent people all over the world. For God sack, got up, and do something tangible for the Ummah. Ummah also awakened to undo the wrong doings of their leaders. They must be unseated to get some punishment in this world, otherwise, hell fire is awaiting them hereafter. Allah bless us with pious, sincere and honest leadership – Ameen.


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