Lost and Found-2

More information is coming in after the previous post on the need to find the lost UNESCO Report that cites Punjabi as one of the languages that will disappear in fifty years.

Professor Bhupinder Singh aka Sarwan Minhás has given us this valuable information:

A short letter was sent to the editor of The Tribune a few days ago in connection with the UNESCO report. Here is the text of the letter…


A news item “Nayar vows to save Punjabi” published in the Tribune on March 1, 2008, quoted Mr. Kuldip Nayar as follows:

“I have gone through a report prepared by Unesco which says the Punjabi language will disappear from the world in 50 years. It shocked me. I am out to save Punjabi language and culture,” he said here today.

I have tried my best to trace this report, but without success. I am beginning to doubt if such a report exists or if Unesco ever made the senseless prediction being attributed to it. Would Mr. Nayar kindly reveal the bibliographic details of the report?

Dr. Dalip Kaur Tiwana

President, Punjabi Sahit Academy


From London, Amin Mughal in an email conversation with Amarjit Chandan says:

“I forgot to mention that the UNESCO’s definitions of endangered language and extinct language are extremely narrow. Of course, Punjabi would never qualify for either of those definitions. Check Wikipedia.”

Safir Rammah from apna.org sends this:

“The Saga of the mysterious UNESCO report continues. Check the editorial in the News today: www.thenews.com.pk

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