A Film on the Story of Punjabi Kenyan Photographer Priya Ramrakha

Priya Ramrakha, Nairobi 1935-1968

Priya Ramrakha, Nairobi, 1935-1968

‘African Lens: The Story Of Priya Ramrakha’, a 55-minute film by Shravan Vidyarthi, will be screened at Zanzibar International Film Festival this Monday July 14th in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Remembered by his peers as one of Africa’s ‘first international photojournalists’, Priya produced remarkable work during his travels in the continent. In 1968, at the age of 33, Priya was killed in crossfire while covering the civil war in Biafra for Life Magazine.

‘African Lens’ brings Priya’s unpublished work to light allowing us to celebrate his life, and enjoy the images he was driven to re-create.

For more information on the July 14th event at Zanzibar Film Festival, go to Uddari Cultural Events page
To view more of Priya Ramrakha’s photo images, go to his website at www.priyaphoto.com
For more about the film or Priya’s photos, contact Writer/Producer/Director Shravan Vidyarthi at: vidyarts@yahoo.com
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3 comments on “A Film on the Story of Punjabi Kenyan Photographer Priya Ramrakha

  1. Kersi Rustomji says:

    A most well deserved monument and tribute to a great Kenyan photo-journalist. Another record of the Asian contribution to Kenya’s growth in the world of journalism.
    Kersi Rustomji.


  2. Dr. Visho Sharma says:

    Priya, like a younger brother to me, grew up with me in an Arya Samaji setting where we were all very close — his two brothers and sisters still are.

    Besides a devoted professional, which he alter became, he always was a most wonderful human being — very giving. He was the finest expression of two most noble parents — universally admired, as was Priya. Tragic as his end was, I’m sure he remained brave, with one last artless, bewildered (why me?), practised smile.


  3. Amarjit Chandan says:

    The most moving image is of Priya Ramrakha’s camera falling along with him after being shot. (See: Trailer on http://www.priyaphoto.com).
    The camera of the photographer is also a gun – the gun with bullets of life. The camera is a living being. It is really sad such a promising life was cut short.

    In their honour we live.


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