Great Punjabi Woman Sophia Duleep Singh, Punjab Landscapes and More Fotos

Manni-Perwanni Zanani Sophia Duleep Singh, Punjabi LandscaepaN te Hor FotowaN

Sophia Duleep Singh was a leading member of Suffragette movement in Britain, and worked both with Women’s Tax Resistance League (WTRL) and Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). She was part of the first ever delegation of women to the British House of Commons, an action that marked police brutality, and came to be known as ‘Black Friday’ in British history. Sophia also was a daughter of the last Sikh ruler of the Punjab Maharaja Duleep Singh, and a grand-daughter of the Wadera Raja Ranjit Singh.

Welcome with us, the presence of our earliest women’s rights activist Sophia Duleep Singh, at the Great Women of Punjabi Origin. View some of her photos in Uddari Foto Mandli.

Chitrkar Prem Singh fotographer ve naiN; we have seven Punjab Landscapes by him at Uddari Art Exhibition.

Photo Mandli warqay te Author Hasan N. Gardezi te Amin Mughal deyaN moortaN da vadha hoya ae.

Suffragette Movement

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