Mahmoud Darwish Moves On!

Mahmoud Darwish Aj Puray Hoay!

Mahmoud Darwish, London Dec 1983
Photo by Amarjit Chandan

Falsteen de shair Mahmoud Darwish 9 August nooN 67 vurhay de ho ke Texas de ek hussptal vich faut ho gaye naiN. OhnaN da dil-khol operation hoya se.

Eh itla’ Mahmoud Darwish dae web-thikaanay te luggi hoi ae:

Mahmoud Darwish… In the presence of Absence
Mahmoud Darwish has quietly left us on Saturday 9 August 2008 after 67 years of a life jumping from one peak to another, rising higher every time, transcending his own successes. He was a beautiful human being, able to see what no one else can see: in life, politics, and even people, expressing his visions in a language that seems to be made only for him to write with. When he decided to take on this difficult surgery we thought that he can beat death, like he did several times before… but he, it seems, with his prophetic insight, could clearly see his “ghost coming from afar”.
He wanted to surprise death rather than wait for the “time bomb” that was his artery to explode unannounced… he went prepared, as he always is, leaving us behind to “nurture hope”.’

Darwish deyaN nazmaN dae Punjabi tarjmay donaN scriptaN vich chhupay hoay naiN.

Chonvi Kavita by Mahmoud Darwish
Kuknas Parkashan, Jalandhur 2004

‘Identity Card’ by Mahmoud Darwish in Punjabi

More Photos at Photo Album Page

More Information

Books by Mahmud Darwish

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