Sidharth’s Sammi Song, Chandan’s Poem by John Berger

In this second Sidharth/Chandan day at Uddari, we want you to know that there is an unusual and most inspiring rendition of ‘Sammi meri var main vari maiN vari aaN nee Sammiye’ from Sidharth, the painter of enchantments. It begins like an inspirational rhythm from Enigma, and then proceeds like the Passion of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, with a firm grounding in Punjabi alaap, basically ‘Sammi’.

The second recording is Amarjit Chandan’s Punjabi poem read by John Berger, a novelist and an art critic of international acclaim who has also written essays, screenplays and dramas to explore society and relationships.

John Berger
Photo By Maurice Casagranda

Web Thekanay:
John Berger
Amarjit Chandan
People Punjab, over 50 Portraits by Chandan at Uddari Art Exhibition
Baramah, over 30 Oil Paintings by Sidharth at Uddari Art Exhibition


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