‘Loose Character’ Reason Enough to Take Women’s Lives!

Religious fanatics have successfully ‘cleansed’ the world yet again by killing two women of ‘loose character’ in the NWFP in Pakistan. Ali Hazrat Bacha writes:
‘PESHAWAR, Aug 20: In the first incident of its kind in and around the provincial capital, bullet-riddled bodies of two women, who had been kidnapped from a village in Charsadda district a few days ago, were found in Guli Garhi village near here on Wednesday.
‘A note found near bodies described the victims as women of ‘loose character’ and said they had been killed because they had not heeded the warning of ‘Jaish-i-Islami’ to ‘mend their ways’.’
CMKP Digest Number 1583

Violence against women in Pakistan is rising as always, and now, the exponents of deified male supremacy, the false-morality-ridden religious bullies, are issuing public threats to women not just in the NWFP where Taliban are in strength but in the Punjab as well. And sure, ‘loose character’ is good reason to kill a woman; it does not even cost much in Qisas as the killers will only have to pay half of what they would pay to kill a man. And that is, IF brought to justice.

At the end of last month, the Acid TIP (Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan) threatened to ‘Throw Acid on Women Not Wearing Hijab’ . Still I think, the Taliban may use further Saudi guidance in this area as the bastion of their ‘spirituality’ is way ahead with a father killing his daughter ‘for chatting on Facebook’ .

Earlier this month, ‘Militants threw acid on two Muslim women for not wearing veils and for putting make-up on their faces’ in Srinagar Kashmir. The women were high school teachers. The same report also mentions two other women who had ‘faced similar treatment in Kaksarai recently’. www.hinduonnet.com.

Ansar Burney Trust, a human rights organization, finds that ‘in the vast majority of cases’ of women dying as a result of ‘domestic violence’, a term commonly still used in Pakistan for ‘woman assault’, were killed or mutilated by their husbands and in-laws, brothers and fathers, ex-husbands and ex-lovers. Regarding sexual violence, the Trust estimates that ‘as many as eight women – half of them minors – are raped in Pakistan everyday’. Reasons for rape: revenge on the woman or her family; Jirga/Punchayat ordered rape for her crimes or her family’s; and, by the police while in their custody. On average, ‘a woman suffers an acid attack every week in Pakistan’ www.ansarburney.org.

Last year a woman Minister was ‘Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil’. ‘Pakistani tells how he killed 4 daughters’. ‘Danish-Pakistani woman killed in honor murder’ for having a ‘bad character’.

Amnesty, Asia Pacific: ‘Women and girls are dying at the hands of their husbands, their fathers and brothers, while the authorities pay lip service to their obligations to protect them’.

And that is why it is so hard to fight, even resist, the religious fanatics because they are safeguarding the ‘interests’ of all men by providing them with a strong moral-religious ground to ‘control’ what is being perceived as ‘their women’.

We are our own women.
We will determine
our ‘characters’,
values, education, dresses,
makeup, and
the size of our boobs;
We will select our partners,
careers, videos, cds,
miniskirts, and
We will fight,
and get back the right
to live as we like;
To be who we are: Beautiful,
Graceful, Creative, and

Fauzia Rafique

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2 comments on “‘Loose Character’ Reason Enough to Take Women’s Lives!

  1. Parthiban says:

    “We are our own women. We will determine our ‘characters’, values, education, dresses, makeup, and the size of our boobs; We will select our partners, careers, videos, cds, miniskirts and shoes; We will fight, and get back the right to live as we like; To be who we are: Beautiful, Graceful, Creative and Content.”

    This is ok for the woman to do in a male dominated society where women are suppressed and considered as object of desire. But what if men want to respect them, worship them, LOVE them, care for them, protect them, safeguard them, make a family, recreate, rejuvenate our powers of survival, improve the human race, become the most powerful species on earth. In essence, have a positive approach towards life and experience happiness by respecting oneself and the only life partner. I think this fills a lot positive energy in us and we all rise together towards attaining ‘moksha’. A ‘loose character’ woman can spoil and destroy such a setup. I am struggling to overcome my ‘decreased survival potential’ meeting such a woman. I lost interest in music, cooking, reading, my work, affection towards my family, lost faith in anybody, my male-ego got hurt, guilt of not being a MAN. All because I fell in love with a woman of ‘loose character’


  2. Beti bi hath btati hai-
    phir kum q chahi jati hai-

    To kill daugher, sister, wife , and a female in the name of honor is the tendency of feudal and tribal society. The only thing which prevent violence against women and their emancipation is rule of law. That’s why we have demanded that Pakistani people required a completely new constitution which could eb compatible with 21st century.

    Jamil Maqsood

    General Secretary
    United Kashmir Peoples National Party Belgium


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