Join the protest: SAHMAT exhibition on MF Hussain attacked!

Protest meeting
11 am
25th August

SAHMAT had organized an exhibition of reproductions of eminent artist M.F. Husain’s works on 22nd, 23rd and 24th August 2008, to coincide with the India Art Summit at Pragati Maidan, Delhi which had advised galleries not to show his work at their art fair. The exhibition, held in a shamiana outside the SAHMAT office, was vandalised by 8 to 10 miscreants on Sunday, 24th August, at 3.30 pm. The channel ETV, whose crew was present, has recorded the entire episode. The vandals ran away after destroying the framed photographs and prints, a television set, a DVD player and furniture. Artist Arpana Caur and Anil Chandra, SAHMAT member, were witnesses to the episode.

SAHMAT had informed the police in advance, on 20th August, about the exhibition to be held.

In protest against the vandalism and attack on SAHMAT, the exhibition is being extended, in ‘as-is’ condition, for a day – till 25th August. None of the material from the vandalised exhibition is being handed over to the police till the 25th. There will also be a meeting to protest this cowardly attack and against the attempt to impose a narrow, majoritarian view of our culture, at the venue of the exhibition, on Monday, 25th August, at 11 am

Parthiv Shah, M.K.Raina, Madangopal Singh, Anil Chandra
Vivan Sundaram, Romi Khosla, Kalpana Sahni, Indu Chandrasekhar, Veer Munshi, Madhu Prasad, Inder Salim, K Bikram Singh, Geeta Kapur, Ram Rahman, Shankar Chandra, Rajen Prasad, Arpana Caur, Rajinder Arora, Rajni Arora, Vijay S Jodha, Sohail Hashmi and others


Sahmat – The Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust – was established 20 years back when Hashmi was assassinated by Congress Party goons near Delhi.

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