Chandan’s Stone-Engraved Poem being Installed in Slough

Amarjit Chandan’s Punjabi poem in stone is now being installed in Slough by Alec Peever, a UK artists who has been ‘designing letters and cutting them in stone since leaving art school in 1976’. Peever has since distinguished himself in creating large scale sculptures, relief carvings, heraldry, and public art.

Amarjit Chandan is a UK-based Punjabi Poet, Essayist and Photographer. Alec Peever is commiting to stone this poem by Chandan:
dur bahut dur kisey nachhtar [planet] uttey piá hai pathar geeta.
eh ankháN muNd ke takkná paiNdá,
jeoN chetey ávey sohná mukh sajjanaN dá

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