‘Lyrical voices of sublime nature’ an exhibition by Prem Singh

Prem Singh’s Solo 2008 Art Exhibition

Prem Singh’s Profile and work at Uddari Art

”Lyrical Voices” – a new set of paintings by Prem Singh – a distinctive visual voice in today’s art world will be on view at Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery from 29 October to 4 November, 2008.

Nature, for Prem Singh, remains a major source of inspiration, and whose divine and celestial chorus is ever rejuvenating for this artist. The transitory nature of earth, water, sky, sun and moon with its myriad effects of light and colour manifest to his palette and mood. His new paintings reflect on such playful and prayerful moments which he has experienced through his dialogue with the manifest and the
unmanifest in nature.

Painting, for him, now ‘happens’. He paints with a joy in his soul.

There is an inner necessity in his artistic expressions which according to Angela Di Bellow [NY] ‘provide a sublime glimpse of nature and the nature of the mind. Multiple layering provide depth and
visual lyricism, bringing to memory a time of innocence, a time when as children we lay on fresh green blades of grass and looked up at a crisp blue sky, and wondered. This is what the work is about’.

Writing about his latest work in his catalog, a Florida based artist writer Armida Nagy Stickney records, “Prem’s art is an act of being. It’s as if, in the state of Shakti, he sees all space as if already absorbed in his own head in the brilliance. It is a visual language to be seen and shared”.

Recipient of Triennale India International Award 1994 and The Saatchi Gallery [London] Your Studio Award 2007. Prem Singh’s work is now in the collection of museums and discerning art collectors
internationally. He is member of many international artist groups.

Recently his work has been included in the book ‘Freedom and Art’ edited by Carla Goldberg [USA] and published by Mirca Group Sweden. A Travelling Exhibit featuring the work of 74 artists from 27 countries in this book is beginning from Beacon Fine Art Gallery, Beacon [NY] on 14 Feb, 2009.

Prem Singh lives and works in New Delhi.

Contact Prem Singh at: prem.p43@gmail.com
Web Thekana: canvasview.com

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