‘Professor Nazir Ahmad of Aligarh Muslim University’ by C. M. Naim


One of the best things that happened to me was a chance to study Persian language and literature with Nazir Saab. …

Nazir Saab was a gifted teacher. He taught us — there were only three or four students — with devotion. Never missing a class, and never wasting any time. In fact, there was never any wasting of time when he was around. He didn’t gossip, and he only talked about the research he was engaged in, sharing his excitement with his colleagues as we eavesdropped. …

Naizr Sahib was an extraordinary scholar. There is not likely to be one like him in India for a long time. Textual analysis and editing, and lexicography were his favorite subjects. His scholarship was well recognized and honored in the Persian world (Iran, Central Asia, South Asia). Those who had the privilege to study with him will long remember him with reverence.

C. M. Naim

Professor Nazir Ahmad (born 3rd January, 1915), a Professor Emiritus at Aligarh Muslim University passed away on 19th October 2008 in Aligarh, and was buried in the University graveyard.

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