A New Book on Partition by Bodh Prakash


Writing Partition: aesthetics and Ideology in Hindi and Urdu Literature by Bodh Prakash

The Author attempts to bring forward a variety of ways in which the Partition of India has been expressed in Hindi and Urdu fiction. Further, he is of the opinion that ‘the shift in the narrative mode in Hindi and Urdu fiction from the progressive realist to the modernist needs to be examined against the backdrop of a new social reality in the aftermath of Partition and the creative writers’ search for an appropriate aesthetics to represent it’.

Partition forced a sudden change in the lives of people in many crude and subtle ways, here however,  the focus is on literature and it is found that the creative people, the artists and writers, were  sensitive to two-pronged disabling/enabling effects of the occurrence.

‘Through the fiction on the theme of Partition, this book shows how identities, individual, social and gendered, were re-negotiated in the post-Partition period’. It is re-assuring that Prakash discusses violence, dislocations, and migrations of that tragic time as he notices some liberating aspects of it on some groups of population such as individual women.

‘The book also explores the ideological predilection of both the fiction on Partition as well as the critical approaches to it. The trajectory of the relationship between secular humanism and the newly created nation states has not always been a consistent one and this book shows how its shadow can be discerned in creative literature and its interpretations’.

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