‘Call for Submissions’ Page at Uddari

I am happy to introduce the new ‘Call for Submissions’ page at Uddari for Punjabi MaaNboli writers and publishers, artists and producers, readers and viewers to encourage development and presentation of our creative work/s.

As well, now in 2009, there are enough Punjabi Maanboli magazines, newspapers and literary journals around the world to populate this page. Even in the incomplete but growing List of Punjabi MaaNboli Magazines, we have 15 ongoing publications listed for Canada, India, Pakistan, United States and UK.

We begin with three journals of note, each with its own strengths. Monthly Pancham from Lahore is known to Shahmukhi readers for its literary and editorial excellence, Quarterly Sanjh from Lahore/Ludhiana is unique in publishing the magazine in both Gurumukhi and Shahmukhi, and Monthly Sanvad from Toronto combines Punjabi literature and popular Canadian Punjabi culture in Gurumukhi.

Fauzia Rafique

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