Support Ahmadi Human Rights in Pakistan

In a lukewarm atmosphere of support for Ahmadi rights in Pakistan, i was glad this morning to find a petition calling for an end to religious and sectarian violence. The petition asks the Government of Pakistan to repeal discriminatory amendments and acts from the constitution, and take steps to make the country a secular state.

Sign the Petition

The Petition calls for:

-The state ensure the rights of all persecuted sects and religious minorities, including their right to openly and freely practice their religion.
-The state provide protection to all its citizens, and the perpetrators of violence against persecuted sects and minorities be brought to justice speedily and transparently.
-The 2nd Amendment and all other anti-Ahmadi laws be removed from the Constitution.
-All Blasphemy laws be repealed.
-Religious identity be removed from National ID Cards and Passports.
-Eligibility criteria for the offices of President and Prime Minister make no reference to religion.
-Pakistan’s official name be changed back to ‘The Republic of Pakistan’.’

Also, i want to share an observation. At an average, Uddari Weblog gets anywhere from 10-120 daily referals from other sites on the Internet where its link is displayed either in an RSS feed or in the page content or as part of the blogroll. The two days that followed the post ‘Statement by Pakistani Canadians against Killings of Ahmedis in Pakistan‘ there was not a single referel from another site on the Net. Other than the first few weeks, I have not seen it happen in the two years that Uddari has been online.

This is a small example of the phenomena brought about by ‘the silent complicity of the (Sunni) majority’ that the Petition points to as one of the reasons for the continuation of religion-based persecution of Ahmadis and non-Muslims minorities in Pakistan.

Sign the Petition

Petition authors: Action for a Progressive Pakistan at

Fauzia Rafique

Contact Uddari

One comment on “Support Ahmadi Human Rights in Pakistan

  1. […] with Pakistan’s Christian communities threatened with Blasphemy Laws in Faisalabad, the Ahmadi communities made to suffer 82 deaths, an attack on the Shrine of Data Saheb in Lahore killing 41 people. Violence against women is high, […]


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