‘U’re so sexy, u’re so cute, take off your riot suit!’

If only this sound advice given to Toronto police by the G20/G8 protesters was heeded by the Harper government, the Canadian people would have enjoyed our democratic right to register peaceful protest against the differentiating policies of G20 and G8. But now, over 900 people are illegally arrested, assaulted and detained in the City for attempting to voice concerns held by a large section of Canadian population.

‘Over the past two days, police have rounded and arrested up hundreds of people. They have been denied access to lawyers, telephones, food and water, and held in deplorable conditions in makeshift steel cages. Many have been beaten in the streets and in their homes; shot at with rubber bullets and tear gas; some have been sent to hospital with severe injuries. Hundreds are still in custody as of Sunday night.’ This information was posted in a message announcing today’s ‘Jail Solidarity Rally: Toronto condemns police violence‘. And guess what! Thousands of people came out to support Canadian citizens’ right to protest against G20/G8 policies, and to condemn police brutality and discrimination.

The reports point to various violent actions taken by Toronto police against protesters, and the details expose Canadian power holders to be as desperate as the power holders of any country in the second or the third world.
‘Queer rights, migrant rights, women’s rights and “citizen’s” rights were all blatantly violated throughout the course of the protests, and in detainees’ interactions with police, both in and out of the detention centre, much as in countries affected by the G20 policies. In detention, accounts of racist remarks, sexual assault and harassment, solitary confinement for queer people, and denied access to food, water, warmth, phone calls or legal counsel were all reported by detainees.’ Maya Rolbin-Ghanie in Toronto is a microcosm of the G8/G20 Policies

The immediate ‘fall guy’ may be Bill Blair of Toronto Police but it will be interesting to see how Harper government survives this shameful action against Canadian people, and for how long.

Information and photos from Toronto is a microcosm of the G8/G20 Policies

Fauzia Rafique

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2 comments on “‘U’re so sexy, u’re so cute, take off your riot suit!’

  1. […] Two activists were released yesterday. Nine spent the night in police custody. A protest meeting was held today at College Park Courthouse against this undemocratic police action. This happens days after the arrests of about 1000 people captured during G20/G8 demonstrations. […]


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