Asian Gaza Caravan due December 27th from Egypt

‘The Asian Gaza Caravan was warmly welcomed in Pakistan coming from India, and has gone to Iran and onward.

‘Pakistan’s civil society welcomed the Caravan participants despite hurdles created by the governments of India and Pakistan. The Indian government did not allow the Caravan to cross the border on the scheduled day, December 4th, and then suddenly allowed it to cross the next day, December 5th. The Government of Pakistan issued visas only for Lahore. That not only deprived the participants of the opportunity to interact with people in Multan, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Karachi and Quetta but also put extra financial burden on them because they had to travel to Iran by air, paying four times more in traveling costs.

‘Three prominent activists from Lahore, Adam Pal (Trade Unionist), Niaz Khan (Labour leader) and Muneed Haq (Journalist) joined the Caravan from Pakistan. Two more Pakistanis are joining it today in Syria and onward. The joining activists include Secretary General Awami Party Pakistan, Malik Ayub Khan and peace activist Ms. Wajiha Anwar.

‘The Caravan will attempt to break Israeli Siege to Gaza on December 27th from Egypt.

‘The Caravan is comprised of about 100 men and women human rights, peace and political activists from different Asian Countries.’

Report by Hassan Nasir
Awami Party Pakistan
From Socialist Pakistan News (SPN) newsletter

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