Faiz Centenary Celebrations in UK 1911–2011

Progressive activists, writers, poets, artists of Brittan and of South Asian origin form a broadbased National Organising Committee to celebrate Faiz Centenary in the UK. National committee members of each region and town will involve local organisations and activists form local committees. Due to the size of the committee, NOC will meet on the regional basis.

Calendar of Events
Date: 12 March 2011
Co-ordinators: Anis Zaidi, Riaz Khokhar
Date: 2, 3, 4 June 2011
Co-ordinators: Abbas Malik, Parkash Singh Azad
Date: 7, 8 June 2011
Co-ordinators: Mohsin Zulifqar, Lala Mohammad Younas
Date: 11 June 2011 (Full day event)
Co-ordinators: Ayub Aulia, Munib Anwar, Tanweer Zaman Khan
Date: 18 June 2011
Co-ordinators: Sabir Raza, Basir Kazmi
Date: TBA
Co-ordinators: Sarwan Singh Zafar, Harsev Bans
Date: TBA
Co-ordinators: Dr Alina Mirza, Dr Surjinder Singh, Parmjait Bassi
Date: TBA
Co-ordinators: Dyal Singh Bagri, Avtar Sadiq
Date: TBA
Co-ordinators: Gurnam Singh Dhillon, Jatinder Singh Pattar
Date: TBA
Co-ordinators: Darshan Dhillon, Dr Iftikhar Mahmood

We are also planning events in Nottingham, Derby, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Edenborough, Luton and a last event in November/ December in Central London.

Issued by National Organising Committee UK on January 01, 2011

Pervez Fateh
Coordinator – South Asian Peoples Forum UK
Cell: +44 (0)795 854 1672
E-mail: pervezf@yahoo.com
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