The ‘Cute Activism’ of Pakistani Vancourites

Yesterday i was almost stumped by a news item in the SPN newsletter that i also later found on Facebook where we were invited to get together and raise objections to General Pervaiz Musharaff’s visit to Vancouver. He is invited by the same organization that earlier invited Sarah Palin, we are told.

I have no problems with any of the above, and under different circumstances i may not have even noticed it. But right now?

In the first 15 days of January, a prominent politician who was also the Governor of Punjab was killed by his guard for defending Aasia Bibi on death row for Blasphemy, a father and a son were sentenced to death under the provisions of the same. Karachi is facing the worst communal violence in its history with 30 people dead yesterday. Peasants of Renalakhurd are putting themselves on the line confronting military land allotments, and the democracy-loving activists are risking their lives to defend the human rights of the people in Pakistan.

And here, in Vancouver, we are asked by Pakistani activists to come out and act on yesterday’s news, the politically irrelevant General Musharraff.

‘Active Cute-ism’?
I did spend some time trying to figure out the wisdom behind this invite but really, i could not. So then, i was unable to answer questions that come to mind such as who is dictating these agendas, and what is the purpose of such activism.

Here, we are not being asked to come together for a vigil or to light a candle for the murders of leaders and activists in Pakistan. Actually, i did not hear even a beep from anyone in the last two weeks, and my request to do something regarding the Blasphemy deaths made to the organizers of one of the organizations in an email, remains unanswered.

So what is this activism phenomena? The defining terms that come to mind are things like ‘goodey-two-shoes’ and ‘cute-activism’. But may be, i am taking it all wrong. May be it’s an unrecognized form of ‘acute activism’ or perhaps it’s just ‘Active Cute-ism’.

But then Vancouver is hardly a Barbiville.


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