Punjabi-Bachao Rally and Hunger Strike, Lahore, Feb 20-21/11

Punjabi Language Movement is to hold a
in front of
Lahore Press Club
Sunday, Feb 20 at
2.00pm to 4.00pm
And to stage a
Hunger Strike
Monday Feb 21 at
10.am to 4.00pm
Punjabi Assembly

In support of Punjabi Language rights and to protest against 150 years old continuous ban imposed by the imperialists on basic education in mother tongue in Punjab.

The rally is also to support the demands to declare Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto and Balochi as the national languages of Pakistan.

Let us join hands to end the endless state sponsored terrorism, ethnic cleansing and exploitation against our mother tongue.

All Maan boli (Mother tongue) lovers along with their friends must join the rally.

Thank you
Jeewey Punjab…Jeewey Punjabi…

Nazeer Kahut
Convener Punjabi Language Movement

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