‘UmraN langhiyaN pabbaN bhaar’ tackled by Kuljeet Bhamra

From Press Release

A Song For All Seasons…

‘UmraaN LannghiyaaN PabbaN Bhaar’ (A Lifetime on Tiptoes) was sung by Asad Amanat Ali Khan in the 70’s and became a hit in the Punjabi world. Once again, Mazhar Tirmazi’s famous lyric is being re-created by Kuljeet Bhamra, who has worked extensively in the U.K. Film & TV Industry, Hollywood and Bollywood. He has created a unique soundtrack in Mumbai, India, and recorded the song in London. It has been sung by a young British born singer, Shahid Abbas Khan.

The album is being launched around Valentine’s Day by the name of ‘Heartfelt’ on BBC London.

Mazhar Tirmazi, a renowned British Pakistani Punjabi poet and playwright is visiting Lahore these days working on new projects – translations of his poems into English, his next creative workshop using puppets who spout poetry, ongoing collaborative project with Welsh Poets, and audiovisual expressions set to the music of late Salamat Ali Khan, Saira Altaf’s photos and Mazhar Tirmazi’s poems.

Tirmazi’s collections of poetry include ‘Dooja Hathh Sawaali’, ‘Kaya Kagad’, ‘Thandi Bhubhal’, and ‘Jagda Sufna. His poems have appeared in the anthology ‘Mother Tongues’, published by King’s College, London.

This new collaborative effort spearheaded by music director Kuljit Bhamra promises a refreshing take. Bhamra is known to straddle jazz, classical, folk and pop. He has given music for some renowned films like Bend It Like Beckham, Bhaji On The Beach, Alexander, Four Features etc. He has his own percussion band called ‘Taala’.

Mazhar Tirmazi and Kuljit Bhamra remain rooted in their cultural ethos yet take us on an innovative flight which we await with bated breath… A Lifetime On Tiptoes.



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