A Brave Woman of Substance: Sherry Rehman‏

Statement: Government’s Attempt to Black Out Sherry Rehman‏

We at Citizens For Democracy (CFD) and Socialist Pakistan News (SPN) must condemn the government’s attempt to completely black out parliamentarian and Human Rights activist Sherry Rehman on a day when her contribution to women’s struggle, in the fields of democratic politics, human rights and parliamentary legislation, as well as her personal courage and commitment, deserved special mention. Today, on March 8, beginning with the official PTV programmes, the Prime Minister’s speech, the video prepared and played at the PM’s event by the Ministry of Women’s Development on Pakistan’s outstanding Women of Substance, there was no mention of Sherry Rehman at all. This concerted attempt by a progressive political party and democratic government to completely black out one of its most outstanding women parliamentarians, is shameful.

We take this opportunity on the 100th International Women’s Day, to salute Sherry Rehman for her dedication and commitment to women’s struggle to fight for their constitutional rights to equality and justice. Today Sherry Rehman, who is facing death threats and is still refusing to leave the country, is a source of inspiration to millions of Pakistani women – and men. She is a courageous woman who has never hesitated to stand up and be counted for her principles and her democratic beliefs. We salute this Outstanding Daughter of Pakistan, this Brave Woman of Substance.

From Tahira Abdullah, Nasim Zehra and Aamir Mansoor


One comment on “A Brave Woman of Substance: Sherry Rehman‏

  1. I salute Sherry Rehman. Shame on the PPP leadership.
    Fauzia Rafique
    Author, BC Canada


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