Women’s Protest Rally‏ in West Bengal: March 8/2011

Maitree is a women’s rights network based in West Bengal. Our network has several women’s rights organisations and activists as members.

We are organizing a protest rally (which will not use any microphone)
On 8th March, 2011
Against all forms of sexual violence and harassment, trivialized as ‘eve-teasing’.
We also raise our voices against violence perpetrated on any one of us who dare to protest against these crimes.

Our rally will start from Deshapriya Park at 4 pm and head along Rashbehari Avenue.
From Gariahat crossing the rally will retrace its route and culminate at Triangular Park where a candlelight vigil will be held.

We demand:
ü Swift arrest and trial of the killers of Rajib Das
ü Immediate action against the criminals in the instances of violence against women in Barasat, Sankrail and Bagha Jatin
ü Action against government personnel for dereliction of duty vis-a-vis safety and security of women and other people
ü An assertion by the Chief Minister that women and girls have a right to free and safe mobility at all hours of the day and night, irrespective of their (dis) ability, class, caste, occupational or marital status
ü Adequate protection for women who complain about harassment and violence so that they are not subsequently browbeaten into silence by their attackers
ü Adoption of definite steps by the administration to ensure that safety and security are not distant ideals for women and other residents of this state, but a tangible reality

Please join us
Soma Marik

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