Solidarity with 88 Arrested Women Health Workers in Hyderabad

JOIN THE DEMO IN SOLIDARITY WITH arrested Women Health Workers

We condemn the arrests of 88 women health workers and torture on them by Sindh police and Government. We demand their immediate release and announcement of permanent jobs for them.

Please Join a protest demo this Friday to show solidarity with the historic women workers’ democratic struggle.

Friday, March 25
Press Club Hyderabad

An arrested Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) member called in to report that 88 protesting women health workers with 70 male workers, have been arrested from the small town of Kombh near Ghotki.

Their bus was forcefully hijacked by the area police on the instructions of provincial high ups. The police contingent then forced the driver to take the bus to Sakhkhar central jail where they are now being kept.

The police has registered a case under anti terrorism act. The LPP member was in protest from Karachi, along with thousands of women workers in the province of Sindh for better working conditions.

Organized by

For more information
Nasir Mansoor
Deputy Secretary
National Trade Union Federation (NTUF)
Labour Secretary
Labour Party Pakistan (LPP)

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