A Best Seller On Our Hands: Skeena!

At the Vancouver launch of ‘Skeena’ this past Sunday, Guest Speaker Anthony Dalton told poet/Publisher Manolis from the podium, ‘you have a best seller on your hands’.

Now, he sends it in writing, and gives us more to bite on.

These are my thoughts on your novel:
‘You have written a first class novel about life for Muslim women in Pakistan, and later in a new land. You have given your readers an unprecedented view of life behind the veil as Skeena’s story unfolds. This beautifully crafted book made me sad, but it also made me smile. I am in awe of your talent. Skeena deserves to be a huge hit and if, or when, it does hit the best sellers list, I believe you could become a new literary star in Canada.
Best wishes for huge sales.’

I am grateful for your generosity, Anthony. Thank you.

Anthony is the National President of Canadian Authors Association (CAA), view his profile:
Anthony Dalton

A novel by Fauzia Rafique
Libros Libertad 2011


3 comments on “A Best Seller On Our Hands: Skeena!

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