May Day Celeberations in 29 Cities, Pakistan, May 1/11

National Trade Union Federation: May Day Celeberation in 29 Cities

To Commemorate the 125th International Labour Day on 1st May 2011, National Trade Union Federation Pakistan (NTUF) is going to organize rallies, demos, processions and seminars in 29 cities and towns all over Pakistan and in Gilgit/Baltistan. In these events thousands of workers will take part and pledge to strengthen the working class movement against the yoke of capitalist exploitation.

Through these processions and rallies workers will unequivocally reject the anti workers policies of the state on the dictates of imperialism through multinational financial institutes and its local lackeys. NTUF and Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) have published thousands of posters and pamphlets to raise the immediate demands of workers:

– Appointment letter to all workers
– Social Security cover to all
– Implementation of min wage of 7000 to all unskilled workers for a max of 8 hours work
– Restoration of labour inspection
– No to privatization and IMF/ WB policies
– Workers status to Home Based, agricultural and all informal sector workers
– Right to form union in Shipyard, ship breaking and all other public an private sectors
– Increase in monthly minimum wage from Rupees 7000 to 15000

Here is the schedule of the May Day activities of National Trade Union Federation and affiliated unions.

Sunday 1st May
1. Karachi: Rally of National Trade Union Federation (NTUF, Home Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF) from Regal Chowk to Karachi Press Club at 3pm
2. Hyderabad: Rally of Home Based Women Bangle Union and LPP at 12 noon from Old Campus Sindh University to Hyderabad Press Club, Hyderabad
3. Sajwal: Rally of NTUF and LPP at 11am from Sajawal Main Park to Old Bus Stand, Sajawal
4. Thatta: Rally of NTUF and LPP at 1pm from Amri Chowk to Press Club Thatta
5. Moro: Rally of Trade Union Alliance, NTUF, LPP at 10am Press Club Moro
6. Sanghar: Rally of Trade Union Alliance and NTUF at 10am main Chowk, Sanghar

1. Lahore: Rally of NTUF and LPP @ 9:00. A.m. from Shimla Pahari to Chairing Cross Lahore
2. Rawalpindi: Rally of NTUF and LPP at 3pm from Marri Road, Rawalpindi

10. Faisalabad: Rally & procession Labour Qoummi Movement (LQM) at 11am from Dhobi Ghat to District jail Faisalabad

1. Gojranwala: Protest demo of NTUF and LPP at 4pm at Gondal wala Road, Gujranwala
2. Toba Tek Singh: Protest rally and procession of LPP Protest demo, at 12 am at Press Club Toba Tek Singh to Sadar Bazar.
3. Mandi Bahudin: Protest demo of LPP and Bhatta Mazdoor Union at 12 am from Judicial complex Mandi Bahuddin.
4. Ali Pur Chatha, district Gojranwala: Protests demo of LPP, 12:00 am @ press club Ali Pur Chatha.
5. Pindi Bhatian: Protest demo by LPP and Crescent Bahu Maan Mazdoor Union, 12am @ press club, Pindi Bhattiyan.
6. Okara Rally of LPP 12am, Press club District Okara.
7. Jhang: Rally Labour Qaumi Movement, 10:00 am, at Shereen Chowk Jangh District
8. Qasur: Rally of LPP & Chand Power looms Workers Union, @ 9:00am, Qasur City from Baldia Chowk to railway Station.

Saraiki Waseeb

1. Multan: Rally of LPP, @ 9:00 am Nawaan Sehar Chowk Multan city
2. Rajun Pur: Rally of LPP 10:00 a.m. from Main Bazar Rajanpur
3. Muzafarghar: Protest rally of LPP, 9:00 am, from Khanowaan Chowk Muzzafar Ghar
4. Bahawal Nagar: Protest of LPP, 10:00 am, from Chustiyaan, Sugar Mills, Bahawal Nagar

Pakhtun Khawa

1. Peshawar: Joint Rally of LPP, NTUF, LEF, @ 2:00 pm, Peshawar city Khaiber Bazaar
2. Marddan: LPP Procession, Musical Show, Mushahira an cultural evening, Mardan
3. Sawabi: Procession of LPP, at 9:00 am, Sawabi
4. Charsada: Procession of LPP, 3:00 p.m.Charsadah, Hasht Nagar
5. Swat: Rally of LPP @ 2:00.p.m. Swat, Matta Bazaar

Gilgit Baltistan

1. Gilgit: Procession by LPP, NTUF, PYF, at 10: am, Gahri Bagh, Gilgit City Balochistan

1. Quetta: Seminar of Home Based Women Workers Federation, NTUF at 3pm near Chaman phatack, Quetta, Balochistan.

You are requested to participate in these activities, and show your solidarity with the working class cause.

Nasir Mansoor
Deputy General Secretary
National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan (NTUF)
Labour secretary
Labour Party Pakistan (LPP)
404 & 628, Mashriq Center, Gulshan Iqbal 14, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone +9221-4142025 Fax +9221-414-1898 Mobile +92300-358-7211


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