Keep oil supertankers off B.C.’s coast: Vote Today

If you care about keeping oil supertankers off B.C.’s north coast, the single most important thing you can do is to vote in today’s federal election.

Of the main federal parties, the Liberals, NDP and Greens have committed to banning oil tankers off our north coast. The only major federal party that does not support a ban on oil tankers is the Conservatives. To learn more about your local candidates, click here.

If you need transportation to your polling station, call the Dogwood office at 250-370-9930 ext. 24 and we’ll connect you with a ride to the polls.

Please, vote to protect our coast.

Eric Swanson

P.S. Record turnouts were recorded at advance polls last week. Please find your polling station and cast your vote today to ban oil tankers off of B.C.’s north coast forever.

Dogwood Initiative
PO Box 8701
Victoria, BC V8W3S3

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