Novel ‘Skeena’ – Review by Sukhinder

This is a review of Fauzia Rafique’s novel ‘Skeena’. Please click the link below to read it in Gurumukhi Punjabi.
Aurat de tabahi lai zimevar shaktian di nishandahi, ‘Indication of factors contributing to woman’s oppression’.
View it in Word.

Sukhinder is a Toronto-based poet, writer, artist, editor, publisher and cultural activist. He has been publishing monthly SANVAD from Toronto for over twenty years. This review will also be included in his forthcoming book of criticism on Canadian Punjabi Literature, ‘Canadian Punjabi Sahit’ (Samikhia) (Part 3).
Contact Sukhinder
Box 67089, 2300 Yonge St.
Toronto ON M4P 1E0 Canada
Tel. (416) 858-7077

For more on ‘Skeena’:

To order Skeena in Punjabi, send email to:


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