Uddari’s Fauzia Rafique gets Canada’s Best 2012 ‘Distinguished Poet & Novelist Award’

Fauzia Rafique has received an honour award for her debut novel ‘Skeena’ (Libros Libertad 2011), and her first book of poems ‘Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal’ (Uddari Books 2011).

Offered by Writers International Network (WIN), the award recognizes outstanding artistic/literary achievement and community-building efforts from across cultures. Fauzia is one of the 15 poets, writers, novelists, dancers, artists and citizens to have received ‘Canada’s Best 2012’ citation.

Fauzia says:
‘I am delighted to be recognized for my creative work, and, would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow winners Evelyn Lau, Poet Laureate of Vancouver (Distinguished Poet & Writer Award), Ashok Bhargava (Distinguished Poet & Writer Award), Ariadne Sawyer (People Laureate Award 2012), Bong Ja Ahn (Distinguished Poet & Essayist Award), Joanne Arnott (Distinguished Poet Award), Brajinder Dhillon (Distinguished Novelist Award), Janet Kvammen (Emerging Poet & Artist Award), Manga Basi (Distinguished Poet Award), Mahendra Kwatra (Outstanding Citizen Award), Alan Hill (Outstanding Citizen Award), Timothy Shay (Distinguished Poet Award), Reese McBeth (Host 2012 Award), Lucia Gorea (Host 2012 Award), and Arno Kamolika (Distinguished Dancer Award). Thanks to Ashok Bhargava and the wonderful team of volunteers for organizing this delightful event.’

 Gorea, Kvammen, Shay, McBeth, Basi, Dhillon, Bhargava, Rafique, Lau, Arnott, Hill, Ja Ahn.

The ceremony was held at the 1st Annual Literary Festival at Richmond Cultural Centre on Saturday, March 24 2012.

To order Fauzia’s novel ‘Skeena’ in English or Gurumukhi:

For her chapbook of English and Punjabi poems, and novel ‘Skeena’ in Shahmukhi, please send an email to:

For more information on Skeena:
LIKE the Facebook Page-Get Skeena:

For Writers International Network (WIN), contact Ashok Bhargava at:

11 comments on “Uddari’s Fauzia Rafique gets Canada’s Best 2012 ‘Distinguished Poet & Novelist Award’

  1. […] is happy to have received WIN Canada’s Distinguished Novelist & Poet award in 2012, and to have declined Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in […]


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  3. Deewan Khan says:




  4. amjadmahmood says:

    Heartiest Congratulation.Great international recognition Fouzia. Waiting for when your books will be available in Pakistan.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Fauzia, we are proud of you. Keep it up!


  6. Ashok Bhargava says:

    Please don’t trivialize Fauzia Rafique by mentioning gender dominance. A writer like Fauzia not only shines or dazzles but radiates and awakens the dormant senses.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Bohat Bohat MubarkaN, Fauzia Jee.



  8. Anonymous says:

    Fauzia Saheba….Mubarak…Salamat….Khushbash.
    Jawaid Danish – Playwright.


  9. Zubair Ahmad says:

    Mubark hovey ji Jandey rahu


  10. Recognition is a great moment in a writer’s life. I always feel happy when a female writer is honored in the men’s dominated world. Congratulation on this achievement.


  11. Anonymous says:

    congratulation Fauzia ji


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