‘Waiting’ Uddeekan by Fauzia Rafique – Punjabi rendition Afzal Saahir

English Poem – Punjabi Translation

Fauzia Rafique

days afternoon nights
to be alone
to mourn
that the cactuses*
are growing
within my heart

they may bloom
the desert, sprinkle
sparks of colour atop
sifting slabs of sand

my heart
a suitable soil
to make the plants

From ‘Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal’ (Uddari Books, 2011).

Now published in

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Holier Than Life
Fauzia’s Web Page
Update: June 2013

Punjabi rendition of Fauzia Rafique’s ‘Waiting’
Afzal Saahir

Aklaapay de sik handdawan
aThay pehr uddeekan mainun
dil vich ugiyan thhoran utay
keekan wain kran

man rohi vich thhor khhirran de
rut aa pujji
raitarr utay rangan de
chingyarri chattay wajjay

thhoran noon khush rakhhan keetay
mere dil toon changi mitti
hor na honi

March 2, 2012
Surrey, BC

‘Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal’ by Fauzia Rafique
A chapbook of English and Punjabi poems. Uddari Books 2011. 42 original poems, Punjabi in Gurumukhi and Shahmukhi scripts, 104 pages, $15.
To order, send an email: uddari@live.ca.

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