A Song to Die For – Iranian Rapper Shahin Najafi: Solidarity May 26/12

‘Shahin Najafi was sentenced to death by two high level clergymen in Iran assignning one hundred thousands dollor price on his head. The Iranian Rapper sang a song in which he made fun of a religious figure. In solidarity with him, a facebook page is created and on Saturday May 26th, people around the world will come into street to protest Shahin’s death sentence and defend freedom of expression…’

Here’s the song in English


Naqi! for sake of your sense of humor
For sake of this deportee man out of ring
For sake of the threatening life’s big penis sitting back to us
Naqi! For sake of the width and lengths of sanction and uprising dollar and the sense of humiliation
Naqi! For sake of paper made Imam
For sake of Ya Ali saying infant trapping in the womb
For sake of jurisprudence lesoon in the nose operation’s room
For sake of Agha* [the leader] and prayer bead and rug made in china
Naqi!for sake of Sheith Rezaeie’s* thumb [an Iranian football player who fingered his playmate in live broadcasting match]
For sake of the missed out religion and the religious football

Hey Naqi, hey Naqi, hey Naqi!

Hey Naqi! Now that Mahdi has slept, we are calling you:hey naqi!
We are ready wearing our shrouds, hey naqi! Rise up! (2)
Naqi! For sake of love and Viagra
For sake of legs up in the air and chakra
For sake of bread, chicken, meat and fish
And Silicon breast and striped virginity
Naqi! For sake of Golshifte’s* tits [an Iranian actress who pose nude for Cezar film prize trailer]
For sake of our lost prestige which was taken
Naqi! For sake of Aryan’s race
And the plaques overhang the neck
Naqi! Please for sake of Farnood’s* dick [an Iranian child who goofed in a live TV show]
And three thousand billion* under the sapphire sky [the amount of government embezzlement from Iran’s Saderat Bank]
Persian Gulf and Uromieh Lake were fictional
By the way! What was the Green Movement leader’s name?!

Chorus (2)
Hey Naqi, hey Naqi, hey Naqi!

For sake of fart-rending* demise of nation’s Imam [it points to a goof from an Iranian TV’s host, who used fart-rending instead of the word “Heart-rending”]
For sake of fossilized political commentators far from homeland
For sake of high class widows roaming in discos
For intellectual discussions in chartrooms
For sake of notorious men’s order
For sake of female men rights’ supporters
For sake of colored revolution on TV
For sake of 3 percent book readers of people
For sake of fake & hollow poets
For sake of this fickle crowd
Who say “viva” in the morning & “down with” in the evening
For sake of fantasy fiction’s hero

Chorus (2)
Hey Naqi, hey Naqi, hey Naqi!

* Naqi: also known as ‘Alī an-Naqī was the tenth of the Twelve Imams. His full name is ‘Alī ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Alī. The exact date of his birth and death are unknown, but it is generally accepted that he was born between 827–830 CE(Wikipedia)

Translation by aftab.nfill in by ali.d
From YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rDXhjIN030

Download Song

Facebook Page

Protest in Vancouver, Saturday May 26, Vancouver Art Gallery, 6-7pm, Event information

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