Protect Shri Bhaghat Parhalad Temple in Multan

Shiri Bhagat Parhlad Temple is a 3800 years old temple that is now being destroyed in Multan. Maharaj Shiri Bhaghat Parhlad was born in this temple, and the legend of holi started from this Parhlad Suryam Temple Mulsthan(now known as Multan). The structure of the temple is almost a mound of rubble by now. It is listed as a ‘protected monument’ under the Punjab Special Premises Act and bylaw, and so it is the responsibilitity of the Punjab Government to ensure that it is conserved for future generations.

In 1992, Bhaghat Parhalad Temple was destroyed by a mob reaction to the destruction of Babari Mosque in India. No repairs or restoration work took place after that. In 2003, the Pakistan government went ahead to construct within the premises of the temple, a Wazu & Langhar Khana, a place connected to Muslim rituals of cleansing for prayers, and preparation and consumption of food for Muslims. In 2008, the government expanded their construction plans to a larger Langar Khana food house within the property of Temple.

Animal Save Movement Pakistan (ASMP) and other humanitarian groups tried to convince the local authorities to stop the construction or to provide proof of the right to construct at that location. No proof was provided.

At this time, the construction of Langar Khana has been stopped by the efforts of volunteers of rights organizations. It is important to take the work further to demand that the temple be preserved in it’s original shape, and that it’s 1947 status of a historic site be reverted back to it.

It is important to lobby at the international level to project this issue as a violation of human rights.

For more information and to show your support, contact:
Fauzia Qureshi and Khalid Mahmood Qurashi at


A photo of the temple will help this campaign. If anyone has it, please send at:


3 comments on “Protect Shri Bhaghat Parhalad Temple in Multan

  1. That’s a sad news indeed. This place should be on world heritage list before it gets the same fate as giant Buddha of Bamiyan.


  2. Uddari says:

    Hi Ashok,
    It will be great to have you for the move to protect this historic site. Please contact Fauzia Qureshi and Khalid Mahmood Qurashi from ANIMAL SAVE MOVEMENT PAKISTAN (ASMP) at


  3. Ashok Bhargava says:

    Hi Fauzia,
    I didn’t even know of this temple in Multan. Please tell me how I can register my support to protect places of heritage for the future generations.
    Ashok Bhargava


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