US Cover-Up of Civilian Drone Deaths in Pakistan – New Evidence

Cover-Up of Civilian Drone Deaths Revealed by New Evidence
By Gareth Porter, Truthout | Report

Truth Out Editors Note: “The New America Foundation (NAF) pages showing purported numbers for civilian drone casualties that are linked to and discussed in this article were previously public (see cached version). As of August 22, a few days after the publication of this article, these pages on the NAF website are no longer available. Gareth Porter has repeatedly contacted various NAF personnel and no explanation has been offered for the unavailability of previously public information. The timing, however, is suggestive.”

Detailed information from the families of those killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and from local sources on strikes that have targeted mourners and rescue workers provides credible new evidence that the majority of the deaths in the drone war in Pakistan have been civilian noncombatants – not “militants,” as the Obama administration has claimed.

The new evidence also shows that the statistical tally of casualties from drone attacks in Pakistan published on the web site of the New America Foundation (NAF) has been systematically understating the deaths of large numbers of civilians by using a methodology that methodically counts them as “militants.”

The sharply revised picture of drone casualties conveyed by the two new primary sources is further bolstered by the recent revelation that the Obama administration adopted a new practice in 2009 of automatically considering any military-age male killed in a drone strike as a “militant” unless intelligence proves otherwise…

Read the rest at Truth Out

View a poem on drone attacks in Pakistan
‘My Drone Dead Lover’ by Fauzia Rafique


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