‘Midnight’s Children’ World Premiere: Toronto Sept 9 & 10 – Vancouver Sept 27

The movie ‘Midnight’s Children’ by Deepa Mehta is set to enjoy a befitting stage this month by being featured at both Toronto film festival (September 9 – 10) and Vancouver film festival (September 27).

‘Midnight’s Children’ will hold its ‘World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, and will be the opening film at Vancouver International Film Festival’.

Toronto festival

Vancouver festival

In theatres November 2

The Author’s view
‘It has been an extraordinary experience to watch my novel brought to life by so many talents working in harmony. Dilip Mehta’s production design, with its meticulous eye for period detail, re-created the world of MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN, much of it drawn from my own childhood memories, so vividly and accurately that there were moments when I gasped – see, there was my father’s old Rolleiflex! And look, there were my grandmother’s ferocious geese! Giles Nuttgens’s magnificent camera photographed a world that was both epic and intimate, which was afterwards given rhythm and shape by Colin Monie’s editing; Nitin Sawhney’s score lifted scene after scene to new levels, adding layers of emotion; and above all Deepa Mehta’s kindly, ferocious direction orchestrated it all and made a film that’s true to the spirit of the original novel, but that also, I think, possesses its own authority, and establishes itself as a work of art in its own right.’

Salman Rushdie

Excerpt from: http://www.midnightschildren.com/

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