Libya: ‘Yaka Unsmokes the Mirrors of News’

The capital punishment in Libya of Obama’s US envoy, alongside an ‘information manager’ on September 11, may not be karmic blowback for the murderers of Muammar Ghaddafi, but an early ‘October Surprise’ arranged by a US-Israeli Romney-Netanyahu axis of cavil. US Marines sent to rescue the envoy allegedly encountered intense mortar barrage with accuracy presumably “too good for any regular revolutionaries.” The attack happened during a dissimulating public spat, with Netanyahu reviling Obama for not invading Iran, despite the Democratic Party platform hurriedly reinserting Jerusalem as capital of Zionist Israel, and god as their guide!

‘October Surprises’ are news extravaganzas staged just before US presidential elections. The most famous ‘surprise’ occurred when incumbent President Jimmy Carter arranged for the release of US spies held by Iran before the 1980 election, but spooks promoting Ronald Reagan’s campaign struck a deal with Iran’s government to prevent release of US spies arrested there, until after!

Carter then launched a major military rescue operation in Iran, but Reagan’s operatives informed the Iranians, who destroyed the invading force. The US spies were pointedly released a few minutes after Reagan’s 1981 inauguration! The corporate media, however, claims such allegations are “gross generalizations” of “generic conspiracy theorists.” Nonetheless, Bani-Sadr, once President of Iran, later agreed, “the Reagan campaign struck a deal with Teheran to delay the release…”

US Presidential elections are usually held in November after the Pentagon’s trillion-dollar war budgets are passed. But protracted ‘October Surprises’ are now orchestrated even earlier! After all, Christmas sales now begin pronto post-Halloween! The 2008 ‘financial crisis’ staged in mid-September clinched Obama’s election.

Netanyahu blamed Wednesday’s Benghazi attack on US weakness! They’re also blaming an al-Qaeda front, but many of these so-called ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ (now fronting embassy sieges) could also be traced through Tel Aviv and Riyadh to Washington-London! After all, the US is supporting al-Qaeda attacks against Syria’s Assad government – Ah! the Unison of Opposites!!

Commonwealth Ignores Travel Advisories

Such contradictions are not new. The English recently issued a travel advisory against visiting Sri Lanka, but lo! – we now have the bloodsucking Common-welt conferencing here with 9 English MPs present! Despite acclaimed fraud at Colombo’s stock exchange, these MPs will even visit the presumably Lankika company that technologically backs up the London Stock Exchange! Leading MP ‘Sir’ Alan Haselhurst, a ‘wet Tory’ aka monopoly capitalist who fudged his gardening expenses, is linked to multinational ICI-CIC whose fertilizers are blamed for major kidney disease in Anuradhapura.ICI-CIC, parading Potemkinish ‘organic’ stores in Colombo, is owned by the Rothschilds’ Nobel – yes, the Bofors-missile-makers who gave born-again-Christian-crusader Obama their Peace Prize!

The capitalist media is of course happy to distract: On Wednesday, Germany’s Constitutional Court approved a $644-billion European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – a combined-European super-bailout-budget to wage war, economic and other, on the world! German citizens had sought temporary injunction against paying into the new ESM, which will further weaken parliamentary control over public expenditure. Meanwhile, over 600 corporations are pushing a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to obviate government regulation. TPP will curtail access to the internet, and displace affordable generic medicines. Uncooperative governments will face an international tribunal where corporations can sue them for discontinuing deals previous governments signed in secret!

Mega-banks and their mega-corporations befog world news. Take the presumptive posting of an English prince to an Afghani redoubt, after cavorting butt-naked in a Las Vegas casino, just before the anniversary of the retail murder of an Egyptian haberdasher’s heir and of his English squeeze – the princeling’s mother – the estranged wife of a future ‘gay’ King of England. The pimply pug traverses from Nazi burlesque to Colonel Blimpage, while his gory grandmother links skeletal metacarpals with James Bond, a celluloid terrorist, to parachute over the Olympics as if ejecting from an airborne Brittanica adrift.These mise-en-scenes read like pulp thrillers, but such media bricolage is spread by a panoply of spin-doctors among Buckingham Palace’s salaried retainers propelled into overdrive to burnish the bruited benignity of a German monarch over English vassals. Such news whitewashes and launders the most-murderous English dynasty ever.

For these are indeed interesting times, the patent disabilities of capitalism are forcing ruling classes everywhere to refashion themselves to justify their exemption from the impending innovations of a glutted guillotine industry. Capitalists now claim the power to transform the very building blocks of human life. Old allies and ideas are out; new allies and subterfuges are needed. Yet Yaka reminds: They have no friends, only interests. They always support both sides – for no matter who wins, they can always claim a friend!

PS: September 11 also marks the 1973 mass-murder of over 60,000 Chileans when the US and its ITT Corporation spent millions to overthrow the socialist government of Salvador Allende.

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