South Asian Communities Un-Represented in Vancouver’s Arts and Policy Council

City of Vancouver Arts and Policy Council, appointed. Guess what – no professional South Asian Arts represented. Kind of funny given the robust arts and culture experience that has emerged from this particular demographic. I thought I would paste the info below as backgrounder.

As a Surrey resident I will make this one observation – since moving to Surrey, I have been invited/included in many arts and culture conversations and that encouragement has been by both professional arts and culture staff and members of the community; which is contrary to my experience in either my former addresses in Vancouver or Burnaby.

So what gives on this process? Was it that invitations were sent and some were not interested in volunteering for free, or was it a long standing arts and cultural milieu playing gatekeepers?

The 15-member council was chosen from 199 applicants, and is comprised of representatives from performing arts, visual arts, literary arts, and from emerging talent as well as established artists. The council was established with feedback from the community, including 150 community members at two public workshops and 544 surveys that were created using the feedback from public workshops.

From a Facebook note
By Phinder Dulai

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