Online TV on Labour Issues launched in Pakistan

October 24, 2012: Labour Watch Pakistan, launched first ever online TV today on labour issues –, produced by the Child Rights Legal Centre and the Solidarity Center.

The online TV will provide viewers exclusive access to selected quality productions and a platform for quick learning, sharing and discussing labour issues in Pakistan. Labour Watch Pakistan, has also started an educational series in which labour experts will be sharing their expertise and knowledge on the problems facing workers in Pakistan.

More than 100 selected productions including documentaries, songs, educational shows, messages and special reports are available on on subjects such as child labour, working women, unions, poverty, privatization, human trafficking, working conditions and wages. The portal will be regularly updated for the convenience of the readers-viewers.

Labour Watch Pakistan values and acknowledges the vital role of Pakistani electronic media in highlighting the problems of workers and dedicates this initiative to all the journalists who devote their time and energies in an effort to bring some respite to the repressed and downtrodden fellow workers of their country.

Reported by: Labour Watch Pakistan at

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