Urgent: Send this email for Baghat Singh Chauk today

Dear all,
Urgent request to write a letter for Baghat Singh Chauk

Please write a letter to Salima Hashmi, member of Sub Committee on naming of roads and underpasses in Lahore. Salima Hashmi  is well known social activist and daughter of Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Lahore Corporation is under pressure from the right wing forces including Jamaat Dawa not to name Fawar Chauk Shadman as Baghat Singh Chauk, a demand that was accepted last month by Lahore administration but was put on hold during the last meeting.

Please write a simple letter to Salima Hashmi, demanding the Fawara Chauk Shadman, Lahore to be named as Baghat Singh Chauk to pay tribute to legendary anti imperialist hero of Indian sub continent.

It does not matter where you live, in Lahore or outside Lahore, inside Pakistan or outside, please write a letter, We need at least 200 letters during the next 24 hours.

Information from Farooq Tariq
member Federal executive Committee
Labour Party Pakistan
0300 8411945

Sample Letter

Ms. Salima Hashmi
Member, Sub Committee on naming of roads and underpasses, Lahore

Dear Ms. Hashmi,
We demand that the decision taken by the Administration in the meeting last month to name Fawara Chauk Shadman as ‘Baghat Singh Chauk’ be implemented to pay tribute to legendary hero of the City of Lahore, the Province of Punjab, and the Indian sub continent.

Thank you
Your Name



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