‘A Poem – Hik Nazm’ by Faiza

From Faiza’s Punjabi poem ‘Hik Nazm’


A Poem
By Faiza

It may be inconvenient
But Respected Sister an application needs to be written
A sweeper’s position has become available
In the Angrezi* school
Put it forward in such a way that
It captures their gut
Tell them
The void growing in children’s stomach
Is hard for mothers to endure
I burn in scorching wind
But some things must remain secret
Keep the secret
My man cannot stand on his feet
Battered by the police
Make a story so gripping
They come looking for me
It is your writing that will count
Who are we, what our station
Two morsels of bread
Give them full assurance from my side
I’ll work more than is required
No dearth, no shortage
There will be in my labour
All chores done I’m leavin’
Filth removed floor mopped
Say Respected Sister shall i mix the dough before I go?


Fauzia Rafique


Hik Nazm
By Faiza

Khhechal taan hosi
Ek darkhast likhveni ae Baji
Choorrhi de saamee ae
Angrezi school vich
Gal ajehi jorreya je
Kaleja phhreejay agleyaN da
Dusseya je
BallaN de dhedh paindi kho
MawaN tooN jhalni aukhhi
Tatti va vich sarrni aaN
Per ohla rakhhna pausi
Ohla rakheya je
Banda mera pairaN bhaar khhlo nahiN sakda
Police da pinjeya
Banavo koi baat acharj
MainuN soodhday phhiran
Mul te paina tuhaday likhhan da
AsseiN keh, sadee hassti keh
Do graaNhiyaN Tukar
Tassalla kraya je mere valoN
Kam kresaN hadoN vadh
Kai ghhaTa kai thhorr
Na hosi mehnat de
Saaray kam muka challi aaN
Gand hoonj ke pochi la challi aaN
Akhho taaN aaTa ve ghunneeN jaaN Baji?

View original Shahmukhi version
Monthly Pancham, May-June 2000

Faiza is a Lahore-based poet, editor and publisher who is making valuable contributions to the development of Punjabi language and literature through her ongoing work with Monthly Pancham and Suchet Kitab Ghar.


2 comments on “‘A Poem – Hik Nazm’ by Faiza

  1. Neel Kamal says:

    highly appreciable


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