Welcome Radical Desi in Surrey this Sunday March 23/14

Uddari welcomes the launch of Radical Desi, a new monthly magazine, and congratulates Gurpreet Singh and his team for initiating it. Below is the cover page of the first issue, an introduction and some information about its launching ceremony tommorrow.


Radical Desi
Monthly magazine on alternative politics
Official Launch
Sunday, March 23, 2014
2-5 pm
Dr. Ambedkar Room (418)
City Centre Library
10350 University Drive, Surrey

The launching ceremony will be held during Dialogue on Bhagat Singh’s Atheism. Those on the panel will include the author of Naastik Basni and a known atheist Sadhu Binning, the Centre for Inquiry leader Pat O’ Brien and the leader of the Canadian Taraksheel Sabha, Avtar Gill.

Get free copies of the first edition of Radical Desi at the event. Those who are unable to attend will have an option to grab free copies at the parade being organized by the Guru Ravidas Sikh Temple in Burnaby on Saturday, March 22, 2014 and also at the annual community march against racism in Vancouver near Cambie and Hastings the same day.

We encourage everyone to be there at 1:30 pm as we plan to start the event at 2 pm sharp. Each panelist will be given 20 minutes to speak. The panel discussion will be followed by Q&A session.

Bhagat Singh was a towering Indian revolutionary- who was hanged by the British Indian government alongside Sukhdev and Rajguru on March 23, 1931. Bhagat Singh died as an atheist, yet there are attempts to appropriate his struggle by the religious fundamentalists within the South Asian community. The discussion on atheism and free thinking on his martyrdom day will be a fitting tribute to him. Please join us and feel free to ask questions to continue the dialogue that is necessary for the progress of humanity.

For more information on both events:
Gurpreet Singh, Director
Radical Desi Publications Ltd.
Phone: 778-862-2454

5 comments on “Welcome Radical Desi in Surrey this Sunday March 23/14

  1. Pravin Gupta says:

    If any sikh who promotes khalistan was ever to set foot on Indian bhoomi he would be given the same tratment we gave to bhindrawal. Jo bole so nihaal. Karo shamshaan khalistanion ka haal.


  2. Mustafa Khan says:

    As this is the first time to visit you my comment is a paper I am writing:
    Lynching and the switch back suborning of justice

    Mustafa Khan

    New India has gone into a tailspin leaving many aghast, leary of of being in jungle raj. Those who mount attack on Muslims and lynch them on mere suspicion of stealig or transporting cows in framing them up, walk out of jails in no time (if at all they are arrested). They are garlanded and welcomed by their political masters in open disregard of any civilized law or norms. They have masters like the chief minister of UP Yogiadityanath who even exhorts them to dig up Muslim women from their graves and rape them. How repulsive and abhominale it is even in making suggestion!
    This shows India at 72 years of independence and being at the crossroad chooses to ditch all norms of a democratic polity and behave as autocratic as never before. This is on account of having anchored on the hate ideology of the right wing Rashtrya Swayamsevak Sangh. This is uncharted passage through a time with forbidding tendencies and propensities of the hate ideology.
    What can be a new dawn of PM Naredra Modi when he had been elected CM of Gujarat several times and the PM in 2014 and yet again in 2019? How could this be a New Dawn! It is truly a bondage to the terror of the past from which we have not redeemed ourselves. Let alone we, the Israelis and many others are in bondage to the terrorism of the past. Noam Chomsky was denied permission to visit Israelin 2010. He remarked: “They apparently didn’t like the fact that I was due to lecture at a Palestinian university and not in Israel.” [1]Rajnish Rai was also denied so many opportunities and most recently to join assisstant professor’s post at Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad. His was also in the plight of one who is hostage to the terrorism of the past. He had arrested DG Vanzara, Narendra Amin, etc. To arrest Hindus in terrorism incidents is also unlawful in New India. We have fully turned the corner under Modi long back and the world was asleep when we had this tryst with destiny.
    Modi had appointed Maya Kodnani as minister in his cabinet even when she was accused of inciting mobs to kill Muslims in Naroda Patia. Nay, she even shot at them from her own gun! And, she a minister of child and women health care!


  3. Nidhi says:

    Surrey Vaisakhi Parade is not about religion it’s all politics. They have huge banners and slogans about Khalistan and NDP is promoting it. Only one question to all those supporting this ” If Khalistan is formed, would you please leave your current countries and move there?”


  4. […] Singh is a Georgia Straight contributor and a founder of Radical Desi. He’s working on a book tentatively titled Canada’s 9/11: Lessons from the Air India […]


  5. johnjoseph says:

    It is because of the Conservative government that you have such a good life in this country of Canada


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