Momentary, Immediate, and Urgent: Amarjit Chandan

Amarjit Chandan joins our Ventures Tour tomorrow, Fri 2 Nov, at Off The Shelf Festival in Sheffield (details here). We asked him some questions in anticipation of his readings in Sheffield, Wakefield, Hebden Bridge, Halifax and Nottingham over the next few days. How would you describe your poetry? I have been asked this question many […]

‘Seeing, and not Seeing’ by Amarjit Chandan

Everybody was busy recording the Olympic torch relay through the glass lens, except for two curious children ‘The camera relieves us of the burden of memory. … The camera records in order to forget. … All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget. … Paintings record what the painter remembers.’ John Berger […]

Poet Amarjit Chandan wins the Anad Kāv Sanman 2009

The meeting of the jury for the Anad Kav Sanman 2009 took place in Delhi on 25th October 2009. The jury members for the award, Shri M.K Raina, Professor Bhagwan Josh, Professor Renuka Singh, Dr. Madan Gopal Singh, Bhai Baldeep Singh, Shri Manglesh Dabral attended the meeting chaired by Professor Satyapal Gautam. The jury unanimously […]

‘Shiv Kumar Batalvi’ by Amarjit Chandan

This thought-provoking appreciation of Shiv Kumar’s poetry and his contribution to Punjabi literature is rendered by another poet of note: Amarjit Chandan; and, is presented here to commemorate Shiv Kumar’s birthday on the disputed date of July 23 ( The Poet of Gloom and Doom was a Good Laugh By Amarjit Chandan Shiv Kumar, Southall […]

‘Straying with Ahmad Farāz’ by Amarjit Chandan

I did this interview in Punjabi with the Urdu poet Ahmad Farāz for my book Humsukhan – conversations with fellow writers which never saw the light of the day. Farāz used to be in London in transit to western Europe and North America where so many Pakistani political exiles had sought asylum and were leading […]

‘Baramah’ by Sidharth, Punjab Portraits by Amarjit Chandan

Two wonderful additions have taken place at Uddari Art Exhibition. A series of 35 paintings depicting stages of the seasons according to a Punjabi year titled ‘Baramah’ Twelve Months. Created by Sidharth in rich colors, the paintings are a treat to view. Begin at Chyet/Chaiter in March-April! An equally riveting collection in black and white […]

Amarjit Chandan’s Poem being Carved in Stone in Oxfordshire

London-based Punjabi poet Amarjit Chandan’s poem with its English translation is being carved in stone to then be installed in a public square in a town near London. Artist Alec Peever, a master in Lettering and Sculpture, is carving it on a forty foot long stone. To us, it constitutes an unusual honor for both […]

Amarjit Chandan, “A Man With Ten Shadows” by Atamjit

Punjabi Playwright Atamjit says in his column in Hindustan Times today that Poet Amarjit Chandan is perhaps “the most talked about, controversial and envied emigre Punjabi writer”; and in doing so, he provides us with an opportunity to see glimpses of Chandan’s person, work and life experience. View article here: A Man With Ten Shadows: […]

Chandan’s Stone-Engraved Poem being Installed in Slough

Amarjit Chandan’s Punjabi poem in stone is now being installed in Slough by Alec Peever, a UK artists who has been ‘designing letters and cutting them in stone since leaving art school in 1976’. Peever has since distinguished himself in creating large scale sculptures, relief carvings, heraldry, and public art. Amarjit Chandan is a […]

Sidharth’s Sammi Song, Chandan’s Poem by John Berger

In this second Sidharth/Chandan day at Uddari, we want you to know that there is an unusual and most inspiring rendition of ‘Sammi meri var main vari maiN vari aaN nee Sammiye’ from Sidharth, the painter of enchantments. It begins like an inspirational rhythm from Enigma, and then proceeds like the Passion of Nusrat Fateh […]

A Tribute to Poet Gurcharan Rampuri

Gurcharan Rampuri is a Vancouver based Punjabi writer who has published over thirteen collections of poems, won over twenty literary awards from India, Canada, Denmark and USA; and his poetry books have been translated in Urdu, English and Hindi. He was one of the five poets in the ‘Anthology of Modern Punjabi Poetry‘ published in […]

Release Writers and Publishers arrested in India

Two writers and two publishers were arrested in the Indian Panjab for publishing already published materials that are now deemed ‘casteist or derogatory in nature’. In our view, the local government is appropriating the Dalit issue by imposing this sudden censorship on publishing already published texts. We objects to this appropriation and the attempt to […]

‘Manto – my Garain’ by Daljit Ami

 Saadat Hasan Manto (1912 – 1955) Birth Centenary 1912 – 2012 Revisiting Saadat Hasan Manto (1912-1955) on his birth centenary turned out to be an experience which cannot be described by a single adjective. It was not just a return to Manto but also a home-coming to my associations with him. I was introduced to […]

‘Chasing Fireflies’ by Avtar Singh

Pervaiz Elahi, Chief Minister of Pakistani Punjab, gave Capt. Amarinder Singh, his sarhad-paar counterpart, a horse. The good Captain reciprocated a few months later with a tractor. In the interim, a World Punjabi Conference was held, East and West Punjab games announced and a general atmosphere of cordiality and bonhomie prevailed. A reporter asked the […]

‘The Peacock’ – Screening the Beauty of a Poem and a Concept

This short film is a refreshing and stunningly beautiful rendition of Amarjit Chandan‘s Punjabi poem with English translation. Recited in Punjabi by the poet himself, the poem is provided with a captivating visual environment to unfold by Producer Madi Boyd, Director Kuldip Powar and Musician Ruth Chan. English tanslation of poem by Amin Mughal. Filmed […]