Pakistan Drone Study Finds ‘Damaging And Counterproductive’ Consequences From U.S. Policy

By Joshua Hersh
Huffington Post

A new study conducted by law professors at Stanford and New York University contends that the U.S. use of drones to target suspected militants in Pakistan has had a “damaging and counterproductive effect” on the country and has killed far more civilians than previously acknowledged.

The study, which was released on Tuesday, relies on some 130 interviews with civilians living in the regions of northern Pakistan where targeted drone strikes have been most frequent. Working with the activist group Reprieve, the team of professors have added to the growing body of literature that argues, contrary to Obama administration claims, that numerous civilians have been killed, and many more traumatized, by the drone strike program.

“Drones hover 24 hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles and public spaces without warning,” the report said. “Those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment, and the knowledge that they are powerless to protect themselves.”

Relying on data compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the study’s authors say that between 2,562 and 3,325 people have been killed in U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan since June 2004, and between 474 and 881 of them were civilians.

The heart of the Stanford and NYU report, which is titled “Living Under Drones,” is a close and gripping look at three individual strikes in Pakistan’s Waziristan region, including detailed interviews with 69 survivors, the study authors say.

Some of the interviews appear in a related film that was produced by the Brave New Foundation, which helped support the study, and that captured Pakistani citizens speaking about their own experiences with daily life under drone warfare.

In one incident, from June of last year, a drone operator fired between two and six missiles at a suspect car traveling across Waziristan, the study authors say. Five people were killed, all of whom were immediately declared to be “militants” by anonymous Pakistani government officials. Based on their own interviews, and the reports of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which has closely reported on drone strikes in Pakistan, the authors argue that the five killed were actually civilians, including a retired taxi driver and a teenaged student.

Pointing to a recent survey that found that nearly three-fourths of Pakistanis now consider the U.S. an “enemy,” the authors go on to argue that drone strikes may also be reducing the population’s willingness to collaborate against terrorists.

After years of denying the existence of the drone program or avoiding answering questions about it, President Barack Obama has begun to gingerly address the subject in interviews, mainly in order to promote the rigor with which he approaches the decision to deploy drones.

But many outside experts have called into question the Obama administration’s claims about the program and its effects, especially the notion, often repeated by administration officials, that no civilian deaths have been conclusively linked to U.S. drone strikes.

The Obama administration has also indicated that it considers any “military-aged males” who are killed in the vicinity of a drone-strike target to be likely militants, until proven otherwise.

In a recent essay in Foreign Policy, Micah Zenko, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who has closely examined the U.S. use of drones, argued that a claim by John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism czar, that “the U.S. government has not found credible evidence of collateral deaths resulting from U.S. counterterrorism operations outside of Afghanistan or Iraq,” was simply not believable.

“There were many public reports — from Pakistani and Yemeni reporters and anonymous administration officials — of civilians killed by U.S. drone strikes,” Zenko wrote. “Either Brennan did not receive the same reports of civilian casualties as other administration officials did (an implausible notion), he lacks Internet access to read these anonymous comments (equally implausible because Brennan closely responds to critics of targeted killings in his following media appearances), or he was lying.”


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Blasphemy: Another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform – Don’t Support It This Friday


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It This Friday

‘Honour Killings’

Where women, and some men, are harassed and killed by the male members of their families on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of the family’, but actually to keep control of the property and sexuality rights of women.

Male members are supported by the local authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, and other influentials, in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control of women through extreme punishment is presented by the mainstream culture as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani society.

‘Honour Killings’ support male control and power over all women, but most women who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you support ‘Honour Killings’?



Where non-Muslim and Muslim men, and some women, are killed or required to be killed by the extreme religious Muslim groups on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of Islam and its prophet’, but actually (1> to keep control of the property and civic rights of non-Muslims and Muslim minority sects, and (2> to use it as a Muslim-mob-generating hysterical street weapon for their petty political ends.

The extreme religious Muslim groups are supported by the local Muslim authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, politicians, lawyers, educators and other dignitaries in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control over minority communities through extreme punishment is presented as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani Muslim society.

‘Blasphemy Killings’ support the control and power of Muslims of a majority ruling sect over all non-Muslim and minority Muslim communities, but most people who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you Support ‘Blasphemy Killings’?


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It This Friday
Or Ever After!

Repeal Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

Web Page

Libya: ‘Yaka Unsmokes the Mirrors of News’

The capital punishment in Libya of Obama’s US envoy, alongside an ‘information manager’ on September 11, may not be karmic blowback for the murderers of Muammar Ghaddafi, but an early ‘October Surprise’ arranged by a US-Israeli Romney-Netanyahu axis of cavil. US Marines sent to rescue the envoy allegedly encountered intense mortar barrage with accuracy presumably “too good for any regular revolutionaries.” The attack happened during a dissimulating public spat, with Netanyahu reviling Obama for not invading Iran, despite the Democratic Party platform hurriedly reinserting Jerusalem as capital of Zionist Israel, and god as their guide!

‘October Surprises’ are news extravaganzas staged just before US presidential elections. The most famous ‘surprise’ occurred when incumbent President Jimmy Carter arranged for the release of US spies held by Iran before the 1980 election, but spooks promoting Ronald Reagan’s campaign struck a deal with Iran’s government to prevent release of US spies arrested there, until after!

Carter then launched a major military rescue operation in Iran, but Reagan’s operatives informed the Iranians, who destroyed the invading force. The US spies were pointedly released a few minutes after Reagan’s 1981 inauguration! The corporate media, however, claims such allegations are “gross generalizations” of “generic conspiracy theorists.” Nonetheless, Bani-Sadr, once President of Iran, later agreed, “the Reagan campaign struck a deal with Teheran to delay the release…”

US Presidential elections are usually held in November after the Pentagon’s trillion-dollar war budgets are passed. But protracted ‘October Surprises’ are now orchestrated even earlier! After all, Christmas sales now begin pronto post-Halloween! The 2008 ‘financial crisis’ staged in mid-September clinched Obama’s election.

Netanyahu blamed Wednesday’s Benghazi attack on US weakness! They’re also blaming an al-Qaeda front, but many of these so-called ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ (now fronting embassy sieges) could also be traced through Tel Aviv and Riyadh to Washington-London! After all, the US is supporting al-Qaeda attacks against Syria’s Assad government – Ah! the Unison of Opposites!!

Commonwealth Ignores Travel Advisories

Such contradictions are not new. The English recently issued a travel advisory against visiting Sri Lanka, but lo! – we now have the bloodsucking Common-welt conferencing here with 9 English MPs present! Despite acclaimed fraud at Colombo’s stock exchange, these MPs will even visit the presumably Lankika company that technologically backs up the London Stock Exchange! Leading MP ‘Sir’ Alan Haselhurst, a ‘wet Tory’ aka monopoly capitalist who fudged his gardening expenses, is linked to multinational ICI-CIC whose fertilizers are blamed for major kidney disease in Anuradhapura.ICI-CIC, parading Potemkinish ‘organic’ stores in Colombo, is owned by the Rothschilds’ Nobel – yes, the Bofors-missile-makers who gave born-again-Christian-crusader Obama their Peace Prize!

The capitalist media is of course happy to distract: On Wednesday, Germany’s Constitutional Court approved a $644-billion European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – a combined-European super-bailout-budget to wage war, economic and other, on the world! German citizens had sought temporary injunction against paying into the new ESM, which will further weaken parliamentary control over public expenditure. Meanwhile, over 600 corporations are pushing a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to obviate government regulation. TPP will curtail access to the internet, and displace affordable generic medicines. Uncooperative governments will face an international tribunal where corporations can sue them for discontinuing deals previous governments signed in secret!

Mega-banks and their mega-corporations befog world news. Take the presumptive posting of an English prince to an Afghani redoubt, after cavorting butt-naked in a Las Vegas casino, just before the anniversary of the retail murder of an Egyptian haberdasher’s heir and of his English squeeze – the princeling’s mother – the estranged wife of a future ‘gay’ King of England. The pimply pug traverses from Nazi burlesque to Colonel Blimpage, while his gory grandmother links skeletal metacarpals with James Bond, a celluloid terrorist, to parachute over the Olympics as if ejecting from an airborne Brittanica adrift.These mise-en-scenes read like pulp thrillers, but such media bricolage is spread by a panoply of spin-doctors among Buckingham Palace’s salaried retainers propelled into overdrive to burnish the bruited benignity of a German monarch over English vassals. Such news whitewashes and launders the most-murderous English dynasty ever.

For these are indeed interesting times, the patent disabilities of capitalism are forcing ruling classes everywhere to refashion themselves to justify their exemption from the impending innovations of a glutted guillotine industry. Capitalists now claim the power to transform the very building blocks of human life. Old allies and ideas are out; new allies and subterfuges are needed. Yet Yaka reminds: They have no friends, only interests. They always support both sides – for no matter who wins, they can always claim a friend!

PS: September 11 also marks the 1973 mass-murder of over 60,000 Chileans when the US and its ITT Corporation spent millions to overthrow the socialist government of Salvador Allende.

Yakhanda thanks readers for comments to:

The Nation, Sri Lanka

15 September: Day of Solidarity with workers and their families

15 September
Day of Solidarity
With those workers of Lahore and Karachi
Who lost their lives
For the crimes they had not committed
Please join us
 Hyderabad demo: 1.30pm Old Campus Hyderabad
 contact: Bukhshal Thallo
034 4333 3888
Karachi demo:   4pm from Ghani Churangi SITE industrial area to the factory where 300 worker lost their lives in fire.
 Nasir Mansoor 0300 358 7211
Lahore Demo: 3pm at Charing Cross Mall Road
Contact Rana Aslam 03004210024
Faisalabad: all power looms and textile factories to be closed and rally from Saddar at 10 am to the city centre
Contact Rana Tahir 0300 725 2295

Farooq Tariq

Federal executive committee
Labour Party Pakistan
Tel: 03008411946

The fire at Ali Enterprises in Karachi, one of the worst ever industrial accidents in Pakistan that led tothe death of more than 350 workers on 11 September 2012 along with the other accident on the same day in asimilar garment factory in Lahore has brought into focus the critical issue of lack of workplace safety. This horrific incident shows the complete lack of safety regulation even in the organised manufacturing sector for which both the employer and government must be held criminally culpable.

The fire at Ali Enterprises, a five-storey garment factory located in Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE), at Karachi’s prestigious industrial area which is home to several global firms, killed more than 289 workers while the one in the shoe factory in Lahore claimed lives of more than 25 workers. Most of these workers were unable to escape due to inadequate access and the complete lack of emergency and fire exits. The building flouted all fire-safety norms and hence workers died due to asphyxiation and burns, unable to leave the building.

The Government is equally criminally liable for this negligence as the employer as it allowed flouting of all labour legislations and building safety norms.

Pakistan had ratified the ILO Labour Inspection Convention, 1947 (No 81) in 1953 under which, the government is bound to maintain a system of labour inspection in industrial workplaces. This Convention contains binding legal provisions relating to conditions of work and the protection of workers, including industrial safety and health that is enforceable by labour inspectors. The working conditions in the industry in Punjab worsened after the abolition of labour inspections following an Executive Order issued under the provisions of the Punjab Industrial Policy 2003, which aimed at “developing an industry and business-friendly environment” to attract fresh investment. The routine physical inspection of factories was stopped by the then Provincial Government through an amendment to the Punjab Factories Rules, 1978 which replaced physical inspection of the workplace by labour inspectors with a self-declaration statement by the employers on compliance with labour laws in their units. There is no law to even check or take action against those employers, who do not submit this self-declaration.

NTUI condoles the death of over three hundred workers in the two separate incidents of fire and joins the Pakistani trade unions in their immediate demand for payment compensation of Rs. 50 lakhs to the families of the workers who were killed, and Rs. 20 lakhs to the injured workers and further that the workers should receive their wages until such time as safe and secure production resumes. We also support the demand that the Government hold the employer criminally liable of homicide and take action against the Labour Department and government authorities that failed to ensure the safety and health of these workers.

The NTUI also joins the call for the Ratification of the ILO Convention 155 on Occupational Safety and Health and Convention 187 of Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health by all countries in the sub-continent that have seen several such incidents of fire at workplaces leading to innumerable loss of lives. Factory fires have alone claimed hundreds of lives in factories in India, Bangladesh, and now Pakistan in recent years – many of which are in the garment industry that are part of the global supply chain. This is not coincidental but is closely linked to the nature of the supply chain of this industry wherein capital is continually searching for areas of low labour costs for shifting production in order to keep the profit margins soaring. Hence lax implementation of even basic labour laws is critical for location of industry.

Trade unions across the subcontinent must come together to ensure that governments in South Asia arrive at a common minimum framework for labour laws including industrial safety and wages so as to prevent the movement of capital across borders in search of cheap labour and lax regulation.

We stand in solidarity with the call of the National Trade Union Federation for a Black Day on 15 September against the dreadful incident.

We will together build a safe and secure South Asian Work place!

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Gautam Mody,
New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI)
B-137, First Floor, Dayanand Colony,
Lajpat Nagar IV,
New Delhi 110024
Telephone: +91 11 26214538
Telephone/ Fax: +91 11 26486931


325 workers dead in one day – Pakistan

‘Political gimmicks over the death of 300 workers’
By Farooq Tariq
Today, a smiling Asif Zardari emerged from his caravan at Mao Hospital Lahore waving hands to his sycophants, when he came to enquire the health of the five injured workers during a fire in a shoe factory while 27 died on 11th September 2012. Till today, no Pakistan People’s Party leader visited the factory or went to see the families of those who had died.
The 10 minutes visit to the hospital by the president of Pakistan who is also co chairperson of PPP was an immediate response to the visit of Mian Nawaz Sharif to a Karachi factory where over 300 had died on the same day in a similar incident. He announced Rupees 300,000 compensation for every worker killed in the incident on behalf of Punjab government while according to commercial media report; President Zardari offered flowers to the five injured workers.
Punjab is ruled by Muslim League Nawaz while the provincial government in Sindh is of PPP. During the last three days after the worst industrial incident of Pakistan history, a routine message of sorrow by these two leaders were printed and broadcasted by the commercial media. Once Mian Nawaz Sharif decided to go to Sindh, President Zardari decided to visit Lahore.
The both sides accused each other for negligence in providing all the health and safety measures to the workers in the factories. The fact is that during the last four years of the power of PPP and PMLN in Sindh and Punjab, no factory inspection took place and the factories literary became the concentration camps. It was general Musharaf handpicked Punjab chief minister Pervaiz Ilahi, who put a ban on labour inspection of the factories across the province.
The PPP and PMLN government did not lift this ban until an earlier shocking incident at the pharmaceutical factory in Lahore that killed 27 workers on 4th January 2012. The Punjab government did announced lifting of the ban on factory inspection but no practical steps were taken by the labour department in this regard.
Ironically, Pervaiz Ilahi of Pakistan Muslim League Q is at present deputy prime minister of Pakistan and was accompanying the president during today’s hospital visit.
On the instruction of the Punjab government, it was decided that no official will be able to visit any factory without the permission of PPP and PMLN. The DLO will not give that permission and hence no labour inspection took place in Punjab. It was worst in Sindh where PPP and MQM were in power and there was a complete ban on factory inspection.
The worst incident in the history of Pakistan leaving over 325 workers dead in one day was a routine for the ruling class for the last three days. The PPP leaders invited by the commercial media to debate with PMLN leaders during this time accused Punjab government for negligence and PMLN accused the other. It was blame game and a political gimmick.
Had 300 capitalists died in any incident or accident, the whole commercial media, the ruling class and all those who are putting a mum on their lips would have declared a national tragedy, a great loss and would have declared a national day off, at the least. The 300 deaths of the workers  were like a routine matter, “a message of solidarity, a compensation of 200,000 Rupees, a promise to provide job to the relatives and may be a visit to the families of the dead” that is it. It shows a complete collapse of morality of the ruling capitalist class in Pakistan.
The interior minister, Rehman Malik, a real joker, went further than every ones guess; he hinted that it might be an act of terrorism. What non sense. That shows the thinking pattern of the ministers. They want to link every incident to their war on terror so they could prove to the Americans that they are the victims of the war on terror and the Americans should give them more money.
Some of the anchor persons tried to divert attention from this grave incident by spreading rumors that the owners were threatened by some gangsters to pinch money and they might have started the fire. Although, it was dam bloody clear to everyone that a total negligence towards the environment within the factories led to these two incidents where state has failed to play any role. And this 9/11 of Pakistan was not an isolated incident, it is happening every now and then.
Apart from the rich ruling politicians who have always protracted the capitalist class, now judiciary has once again came to the rescue the class they are protecting. The three owners of the factory went to Sindh High Court Larkana bench and got so-called protective bail for eight days.
The real class based prejudice of the judiciary can be seen from the fact that those “Faisalabad 6” textile workers who are accused of burning a factory front room with no life damage are given 590 years of total jail terms and were not granted bail for a single day. While here in this case, a factory owner responsible for 300 deaths is granted a bail. It is no accident that the owners went to Larkana bench, the home town of Bhuttos family, instead of Karachi.
The Faisalabad six are facing anti terrorist laws while no life was lost during the strike in July 2010 for wage increase despite some incidents of violence from both sides, and here three factory owners responsible for 300 deaths are not charged under anti terrorist laws. There are other Karachi textile workers facing anti terrorist laws just for the crime of raising voices for better wages and conditions.
Ordinary people of Pakistan are in real shock over the incident. There is great sympathy for the workers who have lost their lives. On the contrary, this incident is a political gimmick for the ruling politicians. We must reject this rough politics. We must build a genuine movement of solidarity by fighting for decent age and working conditions for the industrial working class. It is wake call once again for all of us.
Farooq Tariq
Member federal executive committee
Labour Party Pakistan
Labour Party Pakistan
1/7 Street 7, Mohammed Nagar, Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore, Pakistan
tel: 00 92 42 36315162

Mohabat-e-​Sindh Train-marc​h to reach Lahore Sept 7/12

Invitation to Participate in Train-March for Peace, Democracy, Religious Harmony; Women, Peasant, Child and Minority Rights

Awami Tehreek will launch a Train-march from Karachi to Islamabad from September 6, 2012, which will reach the Lahore Railway Station on September 7, 2012, at 8am. The march titled “Mohabat-e-Sindh Train-march” aims to promote peace; democracy; religious harmony; right of women, peasant, child and minitories and retaining of Sindh as one province.

A large number of Awami Tehreek activists will participate in the train-march which will travel on-board, Awami Express, and would be accorded a warm welcome at the Lahore Railway Station. A number of progressive parties and organizations have chalked out elaborate reception for the participants of the train-march. Led by the Awami Party (Pakistan), Labour Party, Pattan Development Organization, South Asia Partnership – Pakistan and several other civil society organizations will be present at the railway station at the arrival of the train-march.

You are cordially invited to participate in this historic event and contribute to the efforts of promoting peace; democracy, religious harmony; rights of women, peasant, child and minorities.

Shazia Khan
Awami Party (Pakistan)

Bhagat Singh Memorial Committee formed in Lahore

A meeting held in Lahore on 16 August, 2012, resolved to establish the Bhagat Singh Memorial Committee to celebrate the birth and martyrdom days of the great hero of the Indian anti-colonial struggle. The aim of the committee is to reclaim the revolutionary socialist legacy of Bhagat Singh and his comrades-in-arms, Sukhdev, Rajguru, Sohan Singh Josh, Chandarshekar Azad, Ajay Kumar Gosh, Yashpal and others.

The meeting was called by Labour Party Pakistan, and presided by Zahid Akaasi, senior journalist and documentary film-maker. The meeting was attended by representatives of various progressive trade unions and political and social organizations.

The meeting elected the following to the organizing committee:
Amir Suhail, Senior Vice President, Punjab Union of Journalists
Nasir Naqvi, President, All Pakistan Newspapers Employees Confederation (APNEC)
Comrade Irfan, Deputy Secretary General, Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party
Niaz Khan, Secretary General, National Trade Union Federation Punjab
Ammar Ali Jan, General Secretary Labour Party Pakistan Lahore
Idrees Tabassum, Secretary General Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy
Mirza Zain ul Abideen, Convener, Progressive Democratic Alliance Pakistan
Zahid Akaasi, Senior Journalist
Zafar Iqbal, Chairman, Movement for Democratic Pakistan
Shahzad Arshad, Revolutionary Socialist Movement
Sonia Qadir, member LPP Lahore
Yousaf Baloch, Chairman, National Trade Union Federation Pakistan
Khalid Malik, Director, Labour Education Foundation
Saeeda Diep, Director, Institute for Peace and Secular Studies

The meeting agreed to expand the committee if more organizations and individuals will be interested to join it.

Narrating the history of Bhagat Singh’s struggle against British imperialism, participants recalled Bhagat Singh’s key contributions to the Indian revolutionary movement:

– He admitted his tactical mistakes (individual acts of terror) and encouraged Indians to strengthen the mass movement for independence from imperial rule and the capitalist system

– His pioneering use of his trial as a platform from which to propagate his views on the need for a revolutionary struggle to free Indians from the yoke of imperialism

– The long hunger strike that he and his comrades undertook to demand fair treatment of prisoners

Participants condemned the limiting of Bhagat Singh’s legacy just to a symbol of Pakistan-India friendship and peace, or to Indian nationalism or to Sikh nationalism, and resolved to do their utmost to celebrate the entire spectrum of Bhagat Singh’s thought and praxis: not just the idea of an Indian confederation, but also his struggle for the liberation of the oppressed classes of society which led him to challenge the feudal lords, the nascent Indian bourgeoisie as well as the British Raj.

The meeting resolved to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Bhagat Singh on 28th September in Lahore and on 29th September in his native village, Bangha, Chak # 107, Tehsil Jaranwala, District Faisalabad.

The meeting resolved to a rousing welcome for the Indian delegate to the celebration and decided to hold two days deliberations with seminar, cultural evening, welcome in Faisalabad (Lyallpur) and a visit to Bhagat village in Tehseel Jaranwala.

The meeting was addressed by Farooq Tariq, Ammar Ali jan, Yousaf Baluch, Irfan Comrade, Mirza Zainulabdin, Khalid Malik, Zafar Iqbal and others.

Labour Party Pakistan
1/7 Street 7, Mohammed Nagar, Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore, Pakistan
tel: 00 92 42 36315162

From SPN Newletter

Hero of Wisconsin – Shaheed Satwant Singh Kaleka
Wisconsin Sikh Temple president killed after trying to fight off attacker

Wisconsin, US: One victim was confirmed as the temple’s president, 65-year-old Satwant Singh Kaleka who died as he tried to ‘knife and tackle’ the shooter. The other was Parkash Singh, a priest in his thirties, and a married father-of-two.

Satwant Kaleka died in the temple he helped build.

When a gunman opened fire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek on Sunday, Kaleka tried to attack the shooter outside of the temple, his son said. Wounded in his lower extremities, Kaleka, 65, made it inside, hid with others in a room, and died there.

“It was like a second home to him,” Amardeep Kaleka said of his father’s love for the temple. “He was the kind of person who, if he got a call that a bulb was out at 2 a.m., he’d go over to change it.”

Lakhwinder Singh, a member of the community, said the president “brought everyone together. He just wanted to make a good temple, a good community.”

Parkash Singh seemed to embody the line.

“He was a good guy, a noble soul,” said Manminder Sethi, a dentist who is a member of the temple.

Parkash Singh had been an assistant priest at the temple for six or seven years, said Gurcharan Grewal, president of the Sikh Religious Society of Wisconsin.

Parkash Singh went back to India in June to bring back his wife and two children – a young son and daughter, both under age 12 – to live here. About eight weeks ago, he returned to Oak Creek.

“She was really shattered. Crying,” temple member Harinder Gill said of Parkash Singh’s wife.

Gill was at home, preparing to go the temple when the shooting happened. Gill said he did not know how Parkash Singh met his wife but added that many marriages in India are arranged.

Reunited with his family, the quiet priest was about to move from the temple to a new apartment with his wife and children. A priest may only live in the temple alone, not with family, said Gill.

Parkash Singh worked daily in the temple, said Gill, who called him “a low-key guy, and very religious. He would always come to help. When we needed anything, he was always there.”

Gill also recalled that Parkash Singh expressed concern about his age. He was nearing 40.

“He had three brothers in India, and the brothers died before crossing 40,” said Gill. “He was kind of concerned.”

“He was a real nice, quiet person. A gentleman. Quiet. Peace-loving,” Grewal said.

For Suveg Singh Khattra, 84, the Sikh temple was a place for worship and fellowship.

A native of the Punjab region of India, Khattra moved to America in 2004 to live with his son.

“He loved to come to the temple and talk to people. He speaks only Punjab. He’s a nice father,” said Baljander Singh Khattra, a taxi driver.

The son drove the father to the temple most days but on Sundays the assignment fell to the older man’s daughter-in-law, Kulwant Kaur.

On Sunday, Kaur was helping other women prepare meals at the temple and hid in a pantry after gunshots rang out. When police later escorted her to safety, she said she saw her father-in-law.

“When they brought her out, she saw my father on the floor with blood coming from his head,” said Baljander Singh Khattra.

“I’m worried about him. The way she saw it, she believes he’s dead,” he added.

As he waited to learn his father’s fate, Baljander Singh Khattra’s thoughts turned to the shooter.

“I don’t know what that person thinks,” he said, adding, “The Sikh temple is open to anybody.”

Some who had gathered at the bowling alley said they believed one of the victims was woman in her late 30s and the mother of two sons. She was standing and praying in the temple when the gunman opened fire, they said.

One of her sons fainted at the bowling alley shortly before 10 p.m. as authorities were letting family members know the fate of their loved ones, said a man who declined to give his name,

Source, Bill Glauber, Georgia Pabst and Ellen Gabler of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this report.


Support the move to stop hate crimes. Visit the Facebook page of I Pledge Against Hate Crime:

20 Casualties in the Milwaukee Sikh temple shooting

At least 20 people are feared injured in a shooting at a Sikh temple outside of Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin, according to local media reports.

Stephanie Uljanec, Oak Creek police department dispatcher, confirmed the shooting took place on Sunday morning at the gurudwara, but said she did not know how many people were shot or if there were any fatalities.

Brad Wentlandt, the Greenfield police chief, said the situation at Sikh temple was “ongoing and fluid” and urged the media not to show tactical movements of the police force at the scene.

He said a police officer arrived at the temple shortly after they received a call about the incident. The officer engaged an active shooter and was shot multiple times, but was expected to survive.

The shooter was also shot and was “still down on scene”. It was still unclear if there are multiple shooters, Wentlandt said.

A SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) police team was moving through the temple to assess the situation.

A witness who sent a text message to a local reporter of the Journal Sentinel said two alleged shooters were possibly still inside the temple, holding children as hostages.

There are also reports that the head priest was locked inside a restroom with a cellphone and said there are as many as 30 victims in temple. Among those who were shot was the president of the temple, the Journal Sentinel reported.

A spokesperson of the Froedtert hospital in Wisconsin said three injured people have been brought in. She said one of the men is in the operating room, another is in a surgical intensive care unit and the third is being evaluated in the emergency room.

The spokeswoman did not have their identities or know why they were at the temple on Sunday morning when the shootings occurred.

Oak Creek is south of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan.

From Al-Jazeera

An Open Letter from Chomsky Shiva Pilger Santos and 40 more…‏

An Open Message to All Who Seek A New and Better World

We are members of what is called the the Interim Consultative Committee of the International Organization for a Participatory Society – or IOPS for short.

IOPS is actually an interim entity, pending a future founding convention. IOPS was convened just a few months ago and already has over 2,100 members from 85 countries and a ten language site, despite that it is barely known publicly. IOPS is currently building local chapters, which will unite to form national branches that in turn will compose an international organization.

We send this open letter to invite you to please visit the IOPS Site to examine its initial features – including especially and most importantly its Mission and Visionary and Programmatic Commitments.

The IOPS commitments emerged from a long process of discussion and debate. We believe they correspond closely to the most prevalent, advanced, and widely accessible political beliefs on which to build an organization for winning a better world.

We also hope and even believe that if you read and consider the IOPS commitments, you will likely find that they are congenial to your interests and desires and that they provide reason for great hope that IOPS can become a very important organization in the coming years.

If we had to summarize the IOPS commitments, we would note that they emphasize:

  • that IOPS focuses on cultural, kinship, political, economic, international, and ecological aims without a priori prioritizing any of these over the rest;
  • that IOPS advocates and elaborates key aspects of vision for a sustainable and peaceful world without sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, and authoritarianism and with equity, justice, solidarity, diversity, and, in particular, self-management for all people
  • and that IOPS structurally and programmatically emphasizes planting the seeds of the future in the present, winning immediate gains on behalf of suffering constituencies in ways contributing to winning its long term aims as well, developing a caring and nurturing organization and movement, and welcoming and even fostering constructive dissent and diversity within that organization and movement and based on its commitments.

We think hundreds of thousands of people, in fact, millions of people, will, on reading the commitments, overwhelmingly agree with them. We hope that if you look at the commitments and feel that way, you will join and advocate that others join as well. If you instead have problems with the IOPS commitments, we hope you will make your concerns known so a productive discussion can ensue.

On the other hand, we also understand that agreeing with the IOPS commitments will not alone cause those same hundreds of thousands and even millions of people to join IOPS. There are numerous reasons why a person might support the IOPS commitments and even hope that IOPS grows and becomes strong and effective at the grassroots, in every neighborhood, workplace, and social movement, and yet, at the moment, not join. Our best effort to summarize obstacles people may feel to joining even while they like the IOPS commitments, and to address those obstacles also appears on the IOPS site, in a Why Join IOPS Question and Answer format. Essentially we argue: If not now, when? If not us, who?

Asked to provide a succinct summary paragraph for the IOPS site about his involvement, Noam Chomsky wrote:
“Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear appeals – often laments – from people deeply concerned about the travails of human existence and the fate of the world, desperately eager to do something about what they rightly perceive to be intolerable and ominous, feeling helpless because each individual effort, however dedicated, seems to merely chip away at a mountain, placing band-aids on a cancer, never reaching to the sources of needless suffering and the threats of much worse. It’s an understandable reaction that all too often  leads to despair and resignation. We all know the only answer, driven home by experience and history, and by simple reflection on the realities of the world: join together to construct and clarify long-term visions and goals, along with direct engagement and activism shaped by these guidelines and contributing to a deepening of our understanding of what we hope to achieve… IOPS strikes the right chords, and if the opportunities it opens are pursued with sufficient energy and participation, diligence, modesty, and desire, it could carry us a long way towards unifying the many initiatives here and around the world and combining them into a powerful and effective force.”

And as Cynthia Peters wrote:
“You hear it all the time. There is always another urgent crisis. They don’t just come in a steady stream, they seem to multiply geometrically. More draconian policies with life-threatening consequences, more corporate control, more prisons, more bombs, more funerals. With so many immediate fires to put out in our day-to-day organizing work, how can we make time to attend to larger issues, such as long-term strategy, vision, and movement building? IOPS creates the space for us to do the essential work of movement building and envisioning and then seeking a better world. Without these elements, we’ll continue to work in isolation. By enlivening and enriching IOPS with your presence, you will both give solidarity to and receive solidarity from so many others — across the world — in the same situation — up to their necks in the daily fight, and at the same time turning their creativity and energy towards revolutionary social change. That is not just good company. It’s the solid beginnings of another world being possible.”

We hope you will join us as we try to make it so.

Ezequiel Adamovsky – Argentina
M Adams – U.S.
Michael Albert – U.S.
Jessica Azulay – U.S.
Elaine Bernard – U.S.
Patrick Bond – South Africa
Noam Chomsky – U.S.
Jason Chrysostomou – UK
John Cronan – U.S.
Ben Dangl – U.S.
Denitsa Dimitrova – UK/Bulgaria
Mark Evans – UK
Ann Ferguson – U.S.
Eva Golinger – Venezuela
Andrej Grubacic – Balkans/U.S.
Pervez Hoodbhoy – Pakistan
Antti Jauhiainen – Finland
Ria Julien – U.S./Trinidad
Dimitris Konstanstinou – Greece
Pat Korte – U.S.
Yohan Le Guin – Wales
Mandisi Majavu – South Africa
Yotam Marom – U.S.
David Marty – Spain
Preeti Paul – UK/India
Cynthia Peters – U.S.
John Pilger – UK/Aus
Justin Podur – Canada
Nikos Raptis – Greece
Paulo Rodriguez – Belgium
Charlotte Sáenz – Mexico/U.S.
Anders Sandstrom – Sweden
Boaventura de sousa Santos – Portugal
Lydia Sargent – U.S.
Stephen Shalom – U.S.
Vandana Shiva – India
Chris Spannos – U.S.
Verena Stresing – France/Germany
Elliot Tarver – U.S.
Fernando Ramn Vegas Torrealba – Venezuela
Taylon Tosun – Turkey
Marie Trigona – U.S.
Greg Wilpert – Germany/Venezuela/U.S.
Florian Zollman – Germany

Sri Lanka’s Black ‘July 1983’ by Subha Wijesiriwardena

July 1983

On the 23rd of July 1983, irrational, hot-blooded, brutal and violent mobs that were made up of Sinhalese civilians – uncles, fathers, brothers, shop-keepers, businessmen, tailors, drivers, teachers, who knows – sought out and attacked Tamil civilians, killing them, injuring them, looting their property and burning their homes. The riots, which began in Colombo, in the aftermath of a funeral of 13 Sri Lanka Army soldiers, who were ambushed and killed by the (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) LTTE in Jaffna, spread through the country over the next few days, affecting areas which had sizable Tamil populations.

However, Colombo remains the place where the toll was the largest. Though the riots went on for days, and Tamils remained unsafe not just in the following weeks, but the following decades – well, let’s just say more like ever after – it is the 23rd of July that we call the Black July Commemoration Day.

It is 1983 – and this riot – that many history books and historical narratives will call the beginning of Sri Lanka’s civil war (though it was not, really). But out of this terrible ordeal, there rose enduring stories: about families who hid their friends at great personal risk, people who cared for families who had lost everything – in one hour, in one fire – people who reached out to other people. And those stories are great not because they are about inter-ethnic harmony, not because they are about Sinhalese families who helped Tamil families (as they very well should have), but because they are about human relationships and human beings – strange and complex creatures that we are.

It is the 23rd of July that we remember as being a turning point, the moment in time in which faith was irrepressibly destroyed, hope shattered, and trust undone.

It is the day we remember a horrific event out of which there came absolutely no good.

It is the day we remember all those who were killed, assaulted, attacked, stolen from, and all the thousands of others – not just one but perhaps two generations of Sri Lankan Tamils – who then saw no choice but to leave Sri Lanka and never return.

It is the day we remember that so many of our fellow Sri Lankans were made to feel unsafe in their own homes, in their own country.

It is the day we remember all that we had, all that we lost, in that precise moment in time, where scales were tipped, people frightened, angered, more violence made inevitable.

It is the day we remember who we are, what we’ve been through, what we’ve done to each other and to ourselves.

But, actually, we don’t remember.

Do we?
From Subha’s Blog:

Subha Wijesiriwardena is a Colombo based actor and blogger.

Information pointed to by Dharini Abeysekera

‘Manufactured Realities: The Truth About The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement And Anonymous’ by Bill Noxid

From Information clearinghouse

Whatever happens today, you can’t put this genie back in the bottle.” – oxfordgirl

July 08, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — I remember watching these words real-time on June 12th 2009, and knowing just how undeniably true they were. Something was about to happen that was going to change the nature of reality and perception on this planet in ways that only a handful of us on Earth could even conceive. The next generation of mind control was about to manifest itself in a faraway land, and I knew as well as the creators themselves did, that the era of Virtual Reality 2.0 was about to begin…

For ages they prepared for this event. Months and months of planning, preparation, and testing went into the grand illusion that was about to ‘spring’ to life. On June 12th 2009 it wasn’t even blip in American consciousness yet, but Iran was about to hold a Presidential Election and this small band of rebel technologists planned on turning in their favor. The methods and means they intended to use in this endeavor where nothing short of astonishing. Through perception management, disinformation, video manipulation, manufactured false reality, cyber warfare, and remote managed civil disobedience, this band was fully prepared to and intent on – taking over a country.

The final and central piece of this operation was a communications platform you all know very well and use every day. The global, open, instantaneous communications network that Twitter has become would be the vehicle to control the operation and deliver propaganda to the media and the public. Video, graphics, website design, and disinformation were all prepared months in advance, as were the tools to enlist the unwitting cooperation of the masses. Once set in motion this elaborate plan to gain the support of people worldwide was intended to grow organically through appealing to and manipulating the genuine and humanitarian desires and instincts of the people, while using them as cover for their true intentions. To this very moment, it has continued to do just that.

This experimental grand delusion operation was the prototype and foundation of a great many things that today, three years later, are accepted globally as reality. Everything you know and believe about Arab Spring, everything you know and believe about the Occupy Movement, and everything to know and believe about Anonymous came from and is rooted in this operation. Every single bit of these manufactured realities from the “V” for Victory sign, the Guy Fawkes masks, the adaptation of “Allah Akbar” chants, the “World is Watching” mantra, the “We Are Legion” slogan, the “Expect Us” warning, the organized global civil disobedience, and now ubiquitous cyber war, all stems from this one operation like the base of a oak tree. There is no more separation between any of these things or any of these operations masquerading as ‘spontaneous grassroots uprisings’ than there is between the trunk of a tree and its many varied branches.

To understand the #iranElection operation is to understand the whole. As the manufactured “Arab Spring” has marched across the Middle East toppling governments in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya, and as operations continue in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Myanmar, and many others, the original goal of the #IranElection prototype (destabilization and regime change) has manifest over and over with exponentially increasing destruction, death, and deception. The Occupy, Anarchy, and Anonymous subdivisions of this operation have caused untold destruction and divisions across Europe and the United States as this operation methodically turns governments against their people and people against their governments, just as they turn Sunni against Shia and Shia against Sunni across the Middle East. This global remote control puppetry continues to train myriad divisions of false flag terrorist groups responsible for unspeakable acts as the usual suspects are scapegoated without any validation whatsoever, as mainstream media remains little more than the propaganda wing of the operation – offering no critical analysis of the ongoing fraud.

It is well past time that the people of this planet awaken to this delusion, the puppeteers, and the ever evolving false-reality construct. Once one understands the foundation of this operation and the origination of its familiar tactics, the mystery, anonymity, and confusion about these so-called ‘leaderless’ uprisings evaporates – leaving just the original operatives and their consistent and obvious motives. If you’re prepared to understand the reality of this 3 year false reality campaign, continue down the rabbit hole.

Arab Spring Exposed

By Bill Noxid

What’s it going to take for people to wake from this ongoing delusion? Hopefully the answer to that question, is this document. After three years of obvious remote control revolution, this ongoing Arab Spring charade continues to be given the illusion of credibility by Mainstream Media, while every day it becomes more patently obvious that these operations are anything but “Spontaneous Grassroots Uprisings.”

I’ll start with this fair waning. This document is long and complicated. This is also a live document and I will be adding to it. None of that is avoidable, because the operation itself is complicated. I’ll make it as simple and as understandable as possible, but you will be required to pay attention. Anyone looking for or accustomed to sound bite solutions will have to develop (at least temporarily) an actual attention span, because what’s at stake is your ability to understand anything at all about the world you live in. If you take the time to actually read and understand this document, a great many bewildering things about this planet will suddenly become clear. If you try to skim, or breeze through it like every other article you encounter, you will remain part of the division of planetary puppets who have no knowledge or understanding of where the issues they support come from and who they actually serve.

The Dawn of Arab Spring

Three years ago, a brand new phenomenon flew out of the clear blue sky. Without any warning (for most), a (manufactured) wave of ‘social consciousness’ hit Maninstream Media like a ton of bricks. After ten years of global war crime based on false-flag delusion that no amount of public outrage, organization, and protest was even able to get so much as acknowledgement from MSM for, and after ten years of Diebold stolen elections that remain to this day a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil reality, MSM and global media in general was suddenly singularly focused – on an obscure election in Iran. In a country that had just elected its First Black President in History and in doing so exposed the reality of a country founded on 500 years of Slavery, suddenly an election in Iran was all Mainstream Media and the Twittersphere could talk about…

Continue reading, Noxid has just begun. Click below:

‘The Clowns of Blasphemy’ by Fauzia Rafique

Dedicated to the unidentified mentally challenged man accused of desecrating the Quran who was taken from Chanighot police station, tortured and burnt alive by a mob of 1500-2000 religious zealots in Bahawalpur, July 3-4, 2012.

A constant clown of blasphemy
hangs over our heads
conducting this one-act
medieval play. Two three scenes
and a thousand different ways
to slaughter
and women
for insulting
their projection
of this entity,
the divinity,
whose man-made aura is then used
to assure
the smooth operation
of the nearest multinational
owned by the authors, directors, producers
and actors
of the Clowns of Blasphemy.
—— A one-act play
—— Boasting a blood-letting theme

Prestigious production
casting heathens
and kafirs, women
and witches, bombers
and terrorists
using real ammunition
emotions and blood, real-life deaths
announcements, pronouncements
bullying and threats. Un
-dying applause
from stunned
audiences. Firearms, rockets
rocks and ropes
expert skinning
hanging by the poles
klashnikov submissions
summary executions
burning with relish humans, books
music and songs
to protect the owners, holders, movers
and shakers
of the Clowns of Blasphemy.
—— A one-act play
—— Weaving a violent dream

Interacting with audiences
it fans the hysteria
to feed the hungry
wild fires
of our worldly
ambitions on the self-righteous
path to secure
for our leaders brand
new riches, collateral
damaging milli-
-ons of civi-
caught in fireworks
crossfires, revenge fires, suicide-fires
friendly-fires. With 560
army bases
on different
foreign lands, enacting
in its glory
the mafioso cultures of
the red-blood-handed
brown, yellow, black,
white investors of the Clowns of Blasphemy
—— A one-act play
—— Donning a fascist regime

Now published in

Buy it here


Holier Than Life
Fauzia’s Web Page
Update: June 2013

‘Yaka and these English World Wars’ by Yakhanda

Ancient Greek Ruins or Future National Bank?

Finance went football on Friday: German fans shouted: “Without Angie, you wouldn’t be here,” referring to multibillion-dollar bailouts. “We’ll never pay you back,” retorted Greek fans. “We’ll never pay you back.”

Last week, Yaka reminisced: the present Queen of England has reigned over English wars that have murdered 700 million people throughout their present and former ‘colonies’. Much of it during a time of European ‘peace’, and since it’s our blood being poured, we do not count among the slaughtered of their ‘World Wars.’

The ‘First World War’ or European Tribal War, 1914-18, which killed millions, is said to have begun in the boardrooms of the German Siemens and US General Electric Corporations as they fought to redivide the world’s markets. We are in for a rerun it seems.

The good news is that whenever such dinosaurs do mega-battle on each other, we are offered new opportunities to delink – extricate ourselves from their underdevelopment of our economies. History suggests such ‘World Wars’ have been ‘good’ for us, with our economies developing with less European diktat over us at such times. The bad news is of course that millions will be killed. We are not naif enough to believe this would be the war to end all wars, but let us hope such sacrifice is not in vain, and a new world, free of capitalism, will inevitably emerge.

Crying crisis
This so-called ‘economic crisis’ is another fraud perpetrated to maintain if not increase capitalist control over the economies of our countries. With production moving east to Asia, ‘wars’ are being spread to perpetuate their grip over us. Like fires fanned by swidden (hena) cultivators on ‘crown’ land, or by professional arsonists hoping to take over limited swathes of public real-estate in inner cities, these wars could however blaze into real revolutions, if they slip the manoeuvring of the devil’s apprentices who spark them.

The fiasco in Greece provides an unfolding blueprint. Used by Europeans as a poster-boy of civilization (pronounced ‘syphillization’) and democracy, Greece is being arm-twisted to override its parliament and elections, and hand over sovereignty to a few bankers based elsewhere. The battle, however, is not between Greeks and Germans, as portrayed by the media, but between German banks representing corporations like Siemens, Bayer, Deutsche Telekom, and Greece’s future.

It is no coincidence, that many of the bankers now in charge of the economies of Europe are linked to US investment banker Goldman Sachs. In 2001, just after Greece gained entry to Europe’s monetary union, Goldman helped their government noiselessly borrow billions. Hidden from public view the deal was treated as a currency trade rather than a loan, and helped Athens meet Europe’s deficit rules. In return, Greece paid Goldman and other banks hundreds of millions of dollars to help hide huge Greece debts, presumably from their EU overseers.

Cooking growth rates
“Financial instruments” developed by Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and other banks enabled politicians to mask additional borrowing not just in Greece, but Italy and elsewhere. Banks pumped cash upfront in return for future government payments, with such liabilities then left off the books. Greece paid Goldman about $300 million in fees for arranging a 2001 transaction, trading away its rights to airport fees, highways and lottery proceeds for years to come! Such Greek deals were named after mythological figures: the airport deal labeled Aeolos, after their god (or pimp) of the winds! The lottery deal was called Ariadne, goddess (or brothel madam) of labyrinths!

This revelation of the fixing of the Greek economy’s growth rate, etc., continued the battle between European and US banks and corporations. This news about Goldman’s bribery of European governments was revealed only after Germany’s Siemens was exposed by US authorities in December 2008. (Bribery was allowed by German law until just recently: US and English corporations of course do the same thing, using different euphemisms.) Siemens agreed to pay $ 800 million – the largest penalty ever paid for violating US foreign bribery law. It settled separately paying $ 800 million to German authorities, but the scandal also led to international bribery investigations.

Siemens’ bribing of various Greek governments from the late 1990s to 2007 was exposed, and cost taxpayers 2 billion euros. In January 2011, an investigation named 15 Greek politicians ‘greased’ by Siemens. In March 2012, Greece settled out-of-court: Siemens will write off 80 million euros in “unpaid arrears” owed by the Greek government, paying them 90 million, and spending 100 million in “new” investments in Greece. It will also “consider” 60 million euros in “future” investments.

Backdating futures
The New York Times reported: Wall Street’s economic schemes in Europe were “akin to the ones that fostered subprime mortgages” in the USA and had “worsened the financial crisis shaking Greece,” undermining “the euro by enabling European governments to hide their mounting debts.” In dozens of deals across Europe, banks provided cash upfront in return for future government payments, with those liabilities unrecorded in the books. A Greek economist noted: “Politicians want to pass the ball forward, and if a banker can show them a way to pass a problem to the future, they will fall for it.” Greece now owes major banks $ 300 billion!

A 1996 derivative brought the Italian budget into line despite its high deficits, by “swapping currency with JPMorgan at a favorable exchange rate, effectively putting more money in the government’s hands.” In return, Italy promised future payments, again not recorded as liabilities. In 2000, European finance ministers “fiercely debated” whether derivative deals used for creative accounting should be disclosed, and decided not to.

In 2005, Goldman sold an interest-rate swap to the National Bank of Greece, the country’s largest bank. All such deals “were perfectly legal.” Few rules govern how nations borrow money: “The market for sovereign debt — the Wall Street term for loans to governments — is as unfettered as it is vast.” Ironically, Greece’s new finance minister, announced on Thursday, is Vassilis Rapanos, chairman of that National Bank of Greece! (By Saturday, he was already in hospital!)

The International Monetary Fund’s capital markets surveillance unit, which monitors “vulnerability in global capital markets,” claims they can do little. But it is the US-Treasury-controlled IMF – World Bank that first sets up the straitjacket on what become gospel for our economists: deregulation and privatization.

Like loansharks or drugpushers, they get you hooked and then squeeze you dry. If you refuse to pay, then wars in various forms are declared with corporate ‘free’ media leading the attack. Slander usually reserved for Black workers are already being flung on Europe’s once ‘civilized’ Greeks: lazy, profligate, unreliable, deceitful!

Surely, Yaka declaims, the world is sick of these English words and wars.

From The Nation, Sri Lanka.

Uddari Weblog:

Sign This Petition to Protect Asma Jahangir‏ – Pakistan’s Prime Jurist and Rights Activist

Uddari fully supports this international online petition (signature campaign) launched by Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) to lobby for the protection of Asma Jahangir, Pakistan’s former UN Special Rapporteur for Religious Freedom and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Please Sign and Forward.

Sign The Petition

The petition will be sent to President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Government of Pakistan as well as international Human Rights organisations, forums, think tanks, peace activists, journalist bodies, lawyers, and members of the European parliaments and their relevant committees. Please sign the petition and send out to your networks and through social media channels.

Asma Jahangir has been an outspoken human rights activist for over 30 years. These threats come at a time when multiple forces are trying to create instability in Pakistan prior to the upcoming elections.

Sign The Petition

Every single signature is important
As said in the press release issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), ‘it is not the conspiracy against a single individual rather it is an effort to suppress the freedom of conscience, democracy and cultural diversity in Pakistan. Needless to say, we will fight back and, needless to say, we shall win’.

The URL address for the Petition to Protect Asma Jahangir

Global Human Rights Defence
Laan van Meerdervoort 70
The Hague
Shiraz Raj,
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan