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Uddari fully supports the protesting Indian authors who have returned their Sahitya Akademi awards, and those who have resigned from their posts, to protest the Akedemi’s inaction over the cold-blooded murder of fellow member Dr Malleshappa Kalburgi in August, and at the general escalation of intolerance in Indian society examplified in the recent Dadri incident where an alleged ‘beef-eater’ was lynched by a mob.

As well, Uddari rejects the Modi Government’s attempt to trivialize writers’ valid protest against human rights violations and growing constraints on the freedom of expression as just ‘personal choice’ of individuals.

The courageous authors who have returned their Sahitya Akademi Awards are Punjabi writers Waryam Sandhu, Atamjit, Ajmer Aulakh and Megh Raj Mittar; Malayalam writers K Satchidanandan, Anand, Sarah Joseph, Subhash Chandran, Shashi Despande, and Urdu novelist Rahman Abbas; Hindi writer Uday Prakash, English novelist Nayantara Sahgal, Hindi poet Ashok Vajpeyi, and ‘Yuva Puraskar’-winning author Aman Sethi. This had begun earlier by six Kannada writers Veeranna Madiwalar, T. Satish Javare Gowda, Sangamesh Menasinakai, Hanumanth Haligeri, Shridevi V Aloor and Chidanand Sali who had returned their awards to put pressure on the administration to take action on the murder of Dr. Kalburgi.

Uddari urges our readers to send messages to relevant authorities such as the Indian embassy in the USA, Consul Generals of India in Vancouver and Toronto, or to Sahitiya Akademi in India to strengthen the the efforts of protesting writers and activists. Here is the contact information.

Sahitiya Akademi
Rabindra Bhavan, 35, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi-110001
Phone: 91-11-23386626/27/28, Fax: 91-11-23382428
Secretary: 91-11-23073002, 23387064 (Direct line)
e-mail :

Embassy of India, USA
2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 939-7000
Fax: (202) 265-4351
Embassy Hours: 930 AM – 600 PM EST

Consulate General of India, Toronto
Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General

Consulate General of India, Vancouver
Mr.Rajiv Kumar Chander, Consul General

In September, a rally was held in Surrey BC by Taraksheel Sabha to protest the murder of Dr. Kalburgi

Fauzia Rafique

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‘Children of Peshawar’ a poem by Ashok K. Bhargava 


Muzzled flowers
Bullet ridden walls
Blood soaked books
Ask us –
What is this barbaric devastation?
We won’t live for it

Dec 18, 2014

Sign this petition
Separate Religion from State
Declare Pakistan to be a Secular Democracy

Support this action
Public Meeting in Rawalpindi
Organizing society against the fascist onslaught


India Bound


Written by Randeep Singh

The film Haider was released on October 2, 2014. The film is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet to the violent backdrop of Kashmir in the mid-1990s. Among other things, Haider looks at the atrocities of the Indian army. It has become one of the most critically acclaimed films in India this year.

On October 15, 2014, the Allahabad High Court issued notices to, among others, the film’s director, director and actors to respond to a petition. The petition was filed by the Hindu Front for Justice an organization which seeks to restrain the film’s screening on the basis that it insults the sovereignty, integrity and unity of India.

How does a film like Haider endanger the “sovereignty, integrity and unity” of India? Aren’t India’s restrictions on the freedom of expression, such as national security, public order and incitement to violence,  sufficient to deal with problems that may otherwise imperil the “sovereignty, integrity and unity” of India?

The “sovereignty, integrity and unity” limitation on freedom of expression merely enables the Indian power to curb any thought or opinion it deems “anti-national.” And what is more cherished to the Indian nationalist mythology than the idea that India is a benign, secular democracy, a view questioned by Haider?

In its stamping out of ideas, thoughts or opinions, which just may have a ring or truth to them, the Indian state privileges the right of an ambiguous and undefined the “nation” over those of democracy which relies on a free flow of ideas. The result is a narrowing of the Indian mind.

If Haider is restrained from playing in Indian cinemas, the Indian state and its fascist enthusiasts will have again (as they have done before with M.F. Hussain, Deepa Mehta, Sonali Bose, Arundhati Roy, Wendy Doniger) have privileged the rights of the “nation” over those of Indians themselves.

Holier Than Life ‘زندگی سے مقدس تر’ by Fauzia Rafique – Urdu rendition Shamoon Saleem

رمشا مسیح کیس اور بابوسر میں 19 شیعہ مسلمانوں کے قتلِ عام پہ احتجاج کی نظم

زندگی سے مقدس تر

ہاں، آج میں اک مُہر ثبت کرتی ہوں
قرآن کے اک صفحے پر
اس معصوم کے نام کی
جسے کل اسلام کے جانثاروں نے
اس کی توہین کے الزام میں
قتل کیا ہے

میں مہر ثبت کرتی ہوں
ہندوؤں اور ان گنت احمدیوں کی اپنے وطن سے ہجرت کی
اور کل کی خبرمیں سے
ان انیس شیعہ مقتولوں کے ناموں کی
گیارہ برس کی اس بچی کی گرفتاری کی
اور موت تک زدوکوب ہونے والے اس عیسائ جوان کی
جو دونوں ذہن میں کچھ ہلکے تھے، سادہ تھے
مگر دل میں موتیوں سے شفاف تھے

چلو دل کی بات رہنے دو
مگر ذہن کی ہلکی اور سادہ تو میں بھی ہوں

میں اس ورق کو جلاتی نہیں ہوں
میں کتابوں کے ورق جلانے میں یقین نہیں رکھتی
میں اسے پھاڑتی بھی نہیں ہوں
میں بے سود تخریب میں یقین نہیں رکھتی

میں اس پر سیاہ حرفوں میں
مہر ثبت کرتی ہوں، ”قاتل“ کی
ہر اک مقتول کے نام کی سرخی سے

یہ دیکھنے کو کہ
کتاب کے نام پہ کتنے قتلوں کی گنجائش
قاتلوں کی اس کتاب پہ ہے

یا کبھی یہ دیکھ سکنے کو کہ
کس کتاب کے قاتلوں کا جتھہ
بالآخر تمغہ جیتتا ہے
تورات کے نام پر فلسطین میں
قران کے نام پہ پاکستان یاایران میں
انجیل کے نام پر ویتنام میں
یا تریپیتکا کے نام پہ برما میں

ہاں، آج میں اک مہر ثبت کرتی ہوں
قرآن کے اک صفحے پر
اس معصوم کے نام کی
جسے کل اسلام کے جانثاروں نے
اس کی توہین کے الزام میں
قتل کیا ہے

اور اے جاں نثارو
مجھے بےوقوف مت بناؤ
اپنے متشدد مظاہروں سے
کہ تمہیں قتل کا مقدس حق تفویض ہے
کسی بھی کتاب کی تقدیس کی خاطر
کسی بھی نام کی تقدیس کی خاطر
یا کسی بھی شے یاجگہ کی تقدیس کی خاطر

زندگی سے مقدس تر کچھ نہیں ہو سکتا
دل سے مقدس تر کچھ نہیں ہو سکتا
جو دھڑکتا ہے، ایک خوشی بھرے مستقبل کی امید میں
محبت کرتا ہے اور جیتا ہے
ایک پھول، ایک پرندہ،
اک گھاس کا سبز تنکا
وحشیو، تم مجھے اپنے
طیش آور مظاہروں سے بیوقوف مت بناؤ
خود زندگی سے مقدس تر
کچھ نہیں ہوتا

فوزیہ رفیق
ترجمہ: شمعون سلیم

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‘Yaka Ack-Acks the Drone Rangers’ by Yakhanda

Only certain little girls matter to the English and their BBC. Diverting from the rape of hundreds of English children in BBC studios for decades by ‘Monster DJ’ Sir Jimmy Saville – another OBE, whom Margaret Thatcher deemed “marvelous,” they shower hospital care on one Pakistani girl allegedly shot by turbaned Taliban for demanding the right to education.

England and their NATO allies also finance those retrograde ‘interests’ who shot her – including operatives famed for throwing acid at women for attending university. Their media certainly won’t describe the little girls recently killed by ‘extrajudicial’ US/NATO drones. The over-175 children already ‘droned,’ have no English names.

Then again, it’s October. August signals when most capitalist industrial manufacturers retool for the coming year. September marks when most banks crash. Their October begins by commemorating Genoan mass-murderer Christopher Columbus, and ends in the faux-scary corporate festival of Hallowe’en! Backstage, the world’s biggest war-makers dig their claws into massive chunks of national budgets, including those beyond their borders, even as they’re already shaping 2014 budget requests to the US Congress in February. The actual 2012 US ‘national security’ budget of over $1.3 trillion outstrips the next top-ten altogether: China, England, France, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India and Brazil.

Accompanying such budgetary maneuvers, menacing headlines usually climax in the North Atlantic, as the last leaves fall, revealing skeleton-stark trees, while people’s anxieties deepen with the coming winter. Their own media rarely ask: why they must, “keep pushing fear on the US taxpayer?”

Domestically, white frenzies about ‘terrorists’ easily echo the old shrieking to rouse Injun-scalping posses, Black-lynching vigilantes, anti-union scabs. The outside world instead sees Hollywood’s hourly TV shows depicting blacks and whites living harmoniously.

Fear of a Black Planet
African-American rapper Tupac Shakur, whose songs still make millions for the US music industry, was born to Black Panther Party cadre. The BPP were once the only US representatives recognized by the Chinese government, at a time when capitalists denied China entry into the UN (until US President Nixon crawled on bended Kissingerial knee to the Middle Kingdom).

Many BPP members, like those of the American Indian Movement, were massacred in the 1960s-70s. Several BPP and AIM members languish in prison – the most famous being Leonard Peltier, Lakota-Sioux defender of the sacred Black Hills (from where the great rivers flow into Canada and the US). Peltier like his revered forebear Tatanka Iyotanka (Sitting Bull) was ‘deported’ into a US prison by the Canadian state.

Tupac never saw the new century dawn. He was killed for exceeding the archetypes beloved by music capitalists: of drugs, guns, pimping and nihilism – of drugs that don’t heal, of guns only long enough to shoot your own people, of prostitution that turns men into slave-owners, of a nihilism that cannot grow beyond capitalism.

Tupac’s aunt, famed US political prisoner Assata Shakur, now safe in Cuba, describes herself as “a 20th century escaped slave.” When in prison, a jailer handed her a broom and told her to sweep. Assata refused, saying, “I ain’t no slave.” The jailer then showed her the jailhouse-copy of the US constitution: its 13th Amendment declares US slavery abolished, except in prison! (Yes, when perusing the fine prose of constitutions, always read the last few words!)

Assata’s autobiography also notes: the 1857 US Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision that a black man was two-thirds of a white man, is still blatant in present-day wage differentials: Workers ‘of color’ in Anglo-North America are paid two-thirds what their white counterparts get!

Jailhouse Gold
Black folks usually gain job-skills or advanced education either by joining the military, or going to prison. More than 60% of US prisoners are ‘of color’! The US government’s Federal Prison Industries Corporation exploits labor from prisons, as labor laws don’t apply. Imprisoned workers, often paid just 23 cents an hour, are exposed to toxic materials, without legal recourse, usually making products for the war department. Inmates make “complex parts” for missile systems, battleship anti-aircraft guns, and landmine sweepers, as well as night-vision goggles, body armor, camouflage uniforms.

Wells Fargo, another bank recently wrist-slapped for bankrupting US municipalities, invests mutual-funds in the three largest profiteering US prison companies. They also spend millions shaping media and lobbying for laws to detain migrants and their families in such prisons!

Most people vote for ‘nobody’ in US elections – a phenomenon cuing poet Gil Scott Heron to note: “Nobody is President!” Yet millions of US citizens with prison records, including one in ten African-Americans, aren’t allowed to vote in US elections.

Regardless who becomes the Drone Ranger next month, the Euro-Amerikan juggernaut keeps blundering onwards. Yet Yaka reminds again of those Jamaican lyrics: “None of them can stop the time!”

Ashiq Hussain Mir of BNYF assassinated in Karachi ‏

The killings of Muslim activists and of non-Muslims by Muslim religious extremists continue in Pakistan, inflicting irreparable damage to the movement for reason, equalty and civil rights. The loss to families is heart wrenching. Rest in peace, Shaheed Comrade Ashiq Hussain Mir, your contributions and your sacrifice will take us forward. Uddari

Ashiq Hussain Mir, Central Chairman Baloristan National Youth Front (BNYF) was assassinated in an armed attack by two masked attackers near Zai Hospital in Kemari (Karachi). The attack happened at around 4pm, killing him on the spot.

Ashiq Hussain Mir was a wellknown activist who was also the Chairperson of Free Baba Jan Committee.

His body will be taken to Islamabad through flight from Karachi at 7am (Thursday) and from Islamabad (11am to Skardu) subject to availability of flights.

For more information contact
Qasim (brother of Comrade Ashiq Hussain Shaheed)
0344 2181542

We strongly condemn this cowardly act of dark forces.

Nasir Mansoor

Candle Light Vigil for Malala Yousufzai – Lahore Wed Oct 10/12

Civil society Vigil for Malala Yousufzai
October 10, 2012
6 pm
Chairing Cross, The Mall, Lahore

Attack on Malala Yousufzai symbolizes the spread of hate, extremism and terrorists forces in our society. These forces are not tolerating any symbol of peace, tolerance and liberal ideals. They are using weapons of hate and destructions on ordinary civilians who are challenging their designs through message of love, peace and liberalism…If these forces are allowed to operate without any check and control they will take away all such ideals and symbols from society. This is the time to convey them that the society is not going to tolerate agendas of hate, destruction and terrorism anymore and also to convey to Malala that she is not alone and society stands and supports her ideals of peace, women empowerment and tolerance, and that we are praying for her life and early recovery…

South Asia Partnership and several other civil society groups are organizing a candle-light vigil tomorrow Wednesday October 10, 2012 at Chairing Cross, The Mall Lahore. Please join us all in this important and collective cause and add your voice in this message of peace and non-violence.

For further information please contact
SAP-Pakistan office
042-35311 701-06
Mohammad Tahseen
Irfan Mufti


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