‘Terrorism and Kabab’, Egyptian award winning comedy, Van, Feb 4/11

proudly presents the charity screening
of the Egyptian award winning Comedy Blockbuster
Terrorism and Kabab
Winner of Audience Award – Locarno Film Festival and Cairo International Film festival 1993
Followed by a discussion with a group of Canadian-Egyptians to answer questions regarding the current situation in Egypt
Friday February 4th
6:30 PM
Langara College Theater Room 130A
Langara college is accessible by translink through Canada line or bus services through Main street, Cambie street and 49th. Free parking in the area and paid parking at Langara.
Minimum donation of $10 at the door.
All proceeds will be directed to victims of current uprisings in Egypt

Terrorism and Barbecue is a masterpiece that reflects the successful collaboration between actor Adel Imam and screenwriter Wahid Hamed in the early 1990’s. The plot is about an honest and decent citizen named Ahmed who works two jobs to support his family, cannot buy meat because it’s too expensive for lower middle and working class Egyptians and has to use the over packed public transportation every day. Ahmed accidentally takes hostages at a government building. The government treats Ahmed as a terrorist…

“This movie is a really great introduction to Egyptian cinema. Many aspects of the movie’s humor easily transfer to English audiences. We can all share the frustration with bureaucracy and the humor in stock characters. This movie is an interesting examination of the issues of Egyptian society and modernization. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in contemporary culture in Egypt.”–Time Out Magazine

“A complete outstanding Egyptian triumph, which deserves dozens of awards!!! a controversial script from the brave Wahid Hamed. magnificent performances. a classic black political comedy that would make you laugh to tears”.– AL Ahram Weekly

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