Ashiq Hussain Mir of BNYF assassinated in Karachi ‏

The killings of Muslim activists and of non-Muslims by Muslim religious extremists continue in Pakistan, inflicting irreparable damage to the movement for reason, equalty and civil rights. The loss to families is heart wrenching. Rest in peace, Shaheed Comrade Ashiq Hussain Mir, your contributions and your sacrifice will take us forward. Uddari

Ashiq Hussain Mir, Central Chairman Baloristan National Youth Front (BNYF) was assassinated in an armed attack by two masked attackers near Zai Hospital in Kemari (Karachi). The attack happened at around 4pm, killing him on the spot.

Ashiq Hussain Mir was a wellknown activist who was also the Chairperson of Free Baba Jan Committee.

His body will be taken to Islamabad through flight from Karachi at 7am (Thursday) and from Islamabad (11am to Skardu) subject to availability of flights.

For more information contact
Qasim (brother of Comrade Ashiq Hussain Shaheed)
0344 2181542

We strongly condemn this cowardly act of dark forces.

Nasir Mansoor