‘Pakistan’s Mock Oscar’ a poem by Fauzia Rafique

Drone attacks, dollar stacks
Prestige shmacks
___ Pakistan’s mock Oscar
___ The latest US-NATO jok(e) Oscar
___ Rhyming is important
___ But get the point across, Oscar

‘Humanitarian’ food drop
U.S. cargo C-17
(thou must use humanitarian aid) with
the Daisy-Cutter
BLU-82 – 15,000 lb.
(ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, polystyrene) bomb
vietnam, gulf, afghanistan
clear-cut, 100 to 300 meter,
lush green,
forest, wetland or mountainous,
(flowers, birds, fields, animals, homes, humans, butterflies) batter
into flat—
But remember, air-drop
some food
before and after.
___ You gleefully support this deadly
___ Mental bloody flock, Oscar
___ Connections are important
___ At least be your own boss, Oscar
Pakistan’s mock Oscar
The latest US-NATO jok Oscar

All 15 menus, vegetarian
(made for hindus, where’s afghanistan, not in india?)
2,200 calories per body (and many
many body bags) per day
Sample: beans and rice
in tomato sauce
(fruit bars, vegetable crackers, fruit pastry, herb rice,) non-alcoholic towlette.
“This is a food gift
from the people
of the United States
of America”
In English, Spanish and French
(Gift-wrapped for England, Spain and France).
919,967 people killed
Men, women, children, civilians.
___ Our Freedom must Endure all the mass-killing
___ Operations of your Goldi-lock, Oscar.
___ Markets are important
___ But do consider our loss, Oscar
Pakistan’s mock Oscar
The latest US-NATO jok Oscar

Saving face
Women’s rights
Ignorant chauvinist man fights
(extreme violence, disfigurement, irreparable damage to body and spirit) because
it was impossible to restrict
control contain possess
that one special woman in his life.
This other human who,
amidst all man-favoring laws
stays strong
and able
to exercise
her will.
But this is not what you want.
For you, this is the subject:
Third world women’s rights!
Ignorant chauvinist man fights!
Islam in bad sights!
Wah Wah Human Rights!
At last some Pakistanis in limelights!
___ This lime does not light
___ Any part of my block, Oscar
___ Distinction is important
___ But this is the wrong gloss, Oscar
Pakistan’s mock Oscar
The latest US-NATO jok Oscar

Me, us and we
your numerous humble subjects
(mullah, military, industrialists, landowners, politicians, media, artists, professionals) we
are all here
ready to be bought
and sold
by you, take us
with drone attacks, dollar stacks, prestige shmacks.
But my sister’s acid-burnt face
you recently employed
to hide your own
extreme violence,
disfigurements, deaths, causing irreparable damage
to body and spirit,
is an outrage.
Innocent brave faces of my sisters
for petty political gain!
___ It does not rock, Oscar
___ Your art is full of crock, Oscar
___ Diplomacy is important
___ But find some other sauce, Oscar
Pakistan’s mock Oscar
The latest US-NATO jok Oscar

Surrey, June 2012

Jok (spirit) – ‘A Jok is a class of spirit within the traditional Acholi belief system that are viewed as the cause of illness.[1] Traditional healers first identify the Jok in question and then make an appropriate sacrifice and ceremony to counter them.[1] The range of Jok is extensive and includes a number that have been influenced by the experience of colonization.’


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