Solar Flares & Drought – Come September what do WE do?

In view of the materials Snowden has provided, it does seem probable that a solar flares ‘event’ might begin to occur in September or after. Actually, there was a solar storm on Tuesday (

Just to say it again, climate change is happening faster than we were led to believe (

With reports that Fukishima-radiation has reached ground water and Pacific Ocean, we are looking at MORE than a drought. In May 2011, tuna fish tested in California already carried Fukushima radiation. Just this factor is enough to know that we are facing the worst drought in human history.

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This radiation, and a few other offshore corporate disasters are RIGHT NOW creating a situation where water species are being contaminated and fishing communities along the oceans will not be able to find food or livelihood. Farmers and land species will face the same crippling situation from contaminated ground water and rain. Our food, water and air are being poisoned for us while the majority of the people are suffering from poverty, war and displacement.

Researching possible solutions to the radiation/contamination, drought and solar flares was a worrisome process. Let me share some of it with you.

Our ‘Situation’

We discussed it in the previous post, but just to bring it back: solar flares will become deadly the moment they touch this planet because of our highly combustible lifestyle where we are surrounded by countless electronic gadgets and wires while the planet hosts thousands of nuclear/oil/tarsands digging-rigging-pipeline projects on the land and offshore, many of whom are melting, leaking or bursting.

The unstoppable melt/leak of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that began during an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, has not been contained. Yesterday’s news tell us that not only the deadly materials have reached the Pacific Ocean despite assurances that they’ll not get to it ( ), but that the radiation levels are getting higher with passing time ( And here’s today’s update: Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation.

With contamination seeping into oceans and ground water, we are also looking at the beginnings of an acute water shortage where Yemen has declared an emergency even in it’s capital, and this is a bit about that: The corporations are talking about privatizing water (; and, not just one but a dozen towns in Texas are without water due to fracking where the individuals who do have water are wanting to sell it to neighbours instead of sharing. Some facts about water scarcity:

Another remote viewing operation predicts a fatal-for-earth event in the near future involving secret digging operations in the Arctic that are mining too close to the core of the earth. The probable result may be ‘caving in’ of the planet. We will discuss this in another post.


US cities are going bankrupt beginning with Detroit with all its industry and casinos; melting glaciers are causing out-of-control floods and tornadoes around the world; we may be seeing the beginning of a famine in poorer countries; millions of bees and sea/air/land animals are dying or showing abnormal behaviours and symptoms due to radiation, contamination and GMO seeds/pesticides/herbicides, and if we haven’t felt any loss in our food supplies this year we will in the coming years while the US regime continues to protect Monsanto and the likes.

Interesting that Putin threatens a ‘global war’ over US negligence to the ‘bee apocalypse’, and the next day as if on cue, Great Britain comes out with a ‘conscription law’ that of course includes all the commonwealth countries. US is becoming a ‘police state’ with it’s spying operations, acquiring countless armoured vehicles and drones to be used within America. Peoples’ movements against poverty/discrimination/fracking/GMOs are catching fire while US government responds by using force against the protestors, and by extending more protection and privileges to the corporations. Global mainstream media of course is a share-holder in this system of exploitation and greed.

People are being forced to commit suicide because of economic want generated by the corporate greed, our policymakers are busy fighting their control-freaking wars and putting a whole lot of resources in ‘technological advancement’ that only benefits the 0.1%. These ‘advancements’ are being made in the fields of dirty energy, extreme mining of land and oceans, Genetically Modified Organisms, stemcells-based living beings, and Mars! Yes, Mars. And that’s what brings us to the Worst Obscene of 2013: A Stemcells-based beef patty that was gloatingly ‘served and tasted’ at the cost of Pound Sterling 250,000. Later, when anger subsided, I realized that a flight to Mars has been booked by 7800 (wealthy) passengers, and it won’t be much fun up there without the beef patty. Whatever the cost, they need it to go. The propaganda machine has begun working, and among other things, a documentary: One Way Astronaut.

Set to go in the next 10. Photo from

So, the Global elites will depart for Mars (they call it a ‘colony’ already) while keeping their hold on the rest of us to fund their interstellar operations by keeping it going for them here. There are renewed efforts to fund missions to Mars, here’s one: (


The responsibility for this situation rests with energy, tech, food, defence and ‘development’ corporations but they are being protected by the Global Elites who establish and rule the Regimes that we bring into power with our votes.

These regimes do have the information, power and resources to do something about this situation but it seems they are not here for us. Instead, they continue to deny the damage that has happened and is happening, even climate change (, because they plan to, and are, profiting from it

If the governments/regimes continue to support their corporate agenda against their people, than the danger and the chaos of any ‘natural’ disaster will reach unimagined proportions.

What do we do?

Solar flares

Health effects of EMFs:
Anatomy of sunstorms
The Sun’s Wrath: Worst Solar Storms in History
Storm Clouds Gathering

Find places with fresh water and food sources that are away from the ‘developed’ world, preferably nestled in mountains.

Work on a ‘self-help’ kind of lifestyle in case civic structures and services fail.

Remove items that emit electromagnetic radiation. They can worsen the impact of solar flares, and can be used to spy on us:

Form neighbourhood committees to find ways to deal with the crisis and chaos.

Make elected governments:
Side with their people instead of corporations.

Stop all secret digging operations and costly high-tech projects till a consensus is reached regarding each.

Spend money on cleaning up the terrible money-mess instead of creating more useless yet deadly hi-tech and war projects.


Yes, we wish this isn’t true and that nothing like this happens and we continue to enjoy, appreciate and inspire the beauty and abundance this planet still offers.

But when i think about it for myself, i find very little to be optimistic. It seems, Mayans were right, life on Earth and Earth itself will be different from what we know. Some of us who don’t fly to Mars may also survive but we will be radiated/contaminated beings. Some of us will be zombies like Russia’s newly found ‘zombie pigeons’, others may be crazy violent people with unknown deformities; all species diseased with no healing remedy, and nothing much to rejoice.

No poems for me neither.

Fauzia Rafique

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